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10 things I have learned about business and start-ups over the last 10 years

BreatheIt’s 10 years since the end of Performancing, and I just had a work anniversary at Copyblogger/Rainmaker Digital, so what have I learned in the last 10 years?

  1. You’re not the customer – Empathy is paramount.
  2. No sacred cows.
  3. No ideas are “stupid”. I told Mike Stelzner he was crazy to start a new conference. Yeah.
  4. There are no stupid questions, other than the one you don’t ask but need to.
  5. No blamestorming. Just stop that, now.
  6. No “succeed or fail”, just experiments and learning.
  7. Don’t be a dick.
  8. Don’t let someone else be a dick if you can help it.
  9. But tell someone privately if they are being a dick.
  10. Plan, communicate, implement, iterate.


I intentionally made this into a list post because I know it will irritate some people, hence breaking rule #7 😉

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  1. I don’t remember you telling me I was crazy. BUT, good thing I ignore that. 🙂 And maybe I was…

  2. “Questions are not stupid” It seems a good point to me here. Well, thanks for sharing your experience.