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About this Blog is where Chris posts tips, thoughts and advice on the business of new media and online business. The aim is to teach small and solo businesses ways you can create compelling resources, provide your audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more revenue.

Chris Garrett

About Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett is an online business consultant, teacher, coach, new media industry commentator, writer (some might argue that point), speaker, and all-round web geek. He has been involved in several startups and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs.

Although he has been “online” since the 1980’s, it was in 1994 Chris first became addicted to the World Wide Web. Since then he has helped thousands of individuals, non-profits, “mom-and-pop” businesses and blue chips.

While his advertising agency career had Chris working with household name brands such as Heinz, Toshiba, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Durex, amongst others, now he mostly concentrates on helping smaller advice-based businesses, such as consultants, authors, freelancers, speakers and coaches.

From Advertising and Marketing Agencies to Solo-Consultant

In 2005 Chris left the advertising agency world and founded a company to help smaller businesses and solo-entrepreneurs profit from their skills, knowledge and experience, achieve more with Online Media, and grow audiences of people who know, like and trust them. See how your business could benefit from working with Chris on the services page here.

As well as coaching and training companies and individuals, Chris also regularly speaks at conferences around the world about online business and content marketing. He has spoken at events such as New Media Expo, the Successful Outstanding Bloggers conference in Chicago, Think Visibility in the UK, Affiliate Expo, Wishlist Member Live, WordCamp, the Netherland’s Social Media Congres and the Institute of Fundraising, along with the dozens of webinars, teleseminars and virtual events he holds or contributes to annually. Check out the Speaking page if you would like Chris to deliver actionable lessons and advice at your event or company.

For the last couple of years, Chris has also taught classes, both in-person and online, for Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Current Role

Chris is Director, Marketing at WP Engine, having come over with the StudioPress team as part of the acquisition.

Previously, ((May 2012-July 2018) Chris worked with the team at Copyblogger (now Rainmaker Digital) to help their workload with marketing technology, developing software, and creating educational content as Chief Digital Officer.

Chris does “Other Stuff” …

Check out Makerhacks, a site and community about 3D printing, CNC, laser engraving, robots, Python programming, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He has a personal blog for lighter topics and anything that doesn’t fit here. While enjoying snow sports, such as snowboarding and ice skating, he is not very good at them and spends a lot of time hurting his … pride. As a keen amateur photographer he loves Flickr and Instagram so much it is possibly unhealthy (please share your cat pictures especially).

ProBlogger BookChris also writes books …

Over the years Chris has co-authored five traditionally published print books (some of which are still in print!) and many ebooks. His favorite print book is now in second third edition and was written with the famous Darren Rowse of ProBlogger and is titled …

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

As the name suggests, it’s mainly about getting started with blogging, and has an emphasis for people who want to use blogging to help them earn an income, but anyone who wants to create a compelling blog for any reason would hopefully get a lot out of it.

Sorry, but it does NOT teach how to make instant cash, we actually talk a lot about how much effort and time it takes!

Darren invited Chris to help him write this book because while Darren has a ton of experience in making money directly from blogs, Chris’ speciality is in creating blogs as business assets – making money because of blogging rather than directly from it. This is through techniques such as using content marketing to generate offline sales leads and attracting freelance work. The third edition goes into much more detail about these approaches. We’re proud of the book and the great reviews and testimonials we got from it (check out the Amazon page).

The geeks and techies amongst you might have seen one of Chris’ nerdier works from his earlier programming and IT-centric career, on topics with mainstream appeal such as GDI+ programming in C#. If you are really curious you can still find Chris’ older books on eBay, Amazon used, in junk shops and second hand markets.

C# GDI+ ASP.NET Web Developers Guide

That’s Eric not Chris pictured on the Wrox one.



You can follow Chris’ Instagram to see what he gets up to outside of work, including a lot of 3d printing, robotics and electronics nerdery over at Makerhacks.

Press Releases

Chris does not post press releases or write about press releases. If you have an interesting piece of news to share then please do not copy and paste press releases into the contact form or email, it will only be deleted!

Product Reviews

Occasionally Chris will review products. Some of these products are purchased, some are sent for review, but there are NO paid reviews on this blog, and positive reviews are never promised. From time to time the links to products could be affiliate links which means if you purchase through the link there may be a commission. At no point does this relationship alter the nature of the article, recommendations are only made when genuinely beneficial. Contact Chris if you would like your product reviewed, but keep in mind reviews are not guaranteed to be posted, particularly if the review is likely to be negative.

Finally …

Chris was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1974. You can’t tell he is Canadian from his accent but he has been known to say “Eh?”. He lived in the UK for most of his life but now lives back in Calgary with his wife, daughter, cat and a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel. In the family hierarchy Chris comes last.

Chris only writes in the third person when he wants to gain a better Google ranking for his own name. He hopes people will forgive him this once..

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