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5 Reasons to Love Webinars Explained

Webinars rock, but it seems my “webinars rock” illustration caused more confusion than it educated! To rectify the situation, I have cut up and explained my thinking in this article.

1. Awareness and Ideas

The first reason to love webinars is that you get the opportunity to create a sense of event around your ideas, value and information. This attracts attention and builds traffic and positive awareness. There is both a direct attraction to something “live” and newsworthy, but also the viral impact of people sharing their intention to attend, and a third party/affiliate promotion opportunity.

2. Products and Teaching

When you present your information live and interactive, the audience can question, clarify and drill down the parts that interest them most. Rather than guess at what your audience most wants, allow them to ask you! This means teaching is deeper and accelerated in comparison to other forms of presenting content online. In addition, you are creating products in real-time. Any recordings you make can be repurposed and redelivered in the form of video, audio, slides and transcripts. Presenting webinars is a perfect compliment to membership sites, and in fact most premium memberships include a webinar, Q&A or other “live” component.

3. Relationship Building

Because your audience gets to hear you and interact with you, your credibility and connection to your audience builds faster and deeper than through text, or even the same content presented as pre-built video. It’s the next best thing to meeting you in person, but with the advantage that webinars scale to allow you to present in front of hundreds and even thousands of people all at once without any travel involved. Not only this, but webinars have significant value versus articles or other kinds of audience retention content, so keep you top of mind as someone who is worth listening to longer term.

4. Profit and Income

There are obvious profit benefits just from what I have mentioned so far. People are happier to spend money with people they know, like and trust, so content delivered using webinars will build your business if there were no other benefits, but there is more! Review, promote, or discuss a product in a webinar and you will increase your sales. Either through demonstration or allowing the audience to question and dissolve objections clears resistance, and gives you vital marketing information for where you need to clarify your sales information in future. “Preview Webinars” where you present product information in a kind of pitch are proven to have greater conversion rates than sales letters or launches alone, either for your own products or those of a third party. I am not one to hard sell, but even with my laid back style I have seen conversion rates of 20% or more. Lewis and Sean have done even better. Finally, who could forget paid webinars where your content is presented as an online class or course.

5. List Building and Audience Creation

If none of the other benefits came into play, this fifth benefit of growing your audience and list would make the return on investment of webinars fantastically compelling. Lewis built his list of 30,000 names in considerably under two years almost entirely through webinars. My own webinars have grown and compounded lists, and allowed me entrance to niches where previously I had little presence by utilizing the natural event and attraction of webinars, combined with reasons to subscribe and stay informed. Through partnering with other people you can accelerate this growth even further.


Hopefully this explains all the reasons I love webinars and encourages you to find out more about how webinars can help grow your business too.

Of course after all I have said it would be silly for me to forget to invite you to our webinar about webinars.

On Wednesday, July 14th at 12:00 noon EDT we will be presenting our FREE “Webinar Marketing Strategies” class.

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  1. Hello Chris,

    Your initial illustration was actually fun and refreshing, afterall. Thanks! That said, the above must be helpful to a lot of people. Great laser-focus on some of the core benefits of Webinars! We are gearing up for several Webinar endeavors ourselves; some as part of our “Equipping at no cost” vision, and others as integral parts of Knowledge Transer thru Webinar Series, with content tailored to distinct mainstream and professional membership audiences. I wish you bountiful success with your new “Webinars on Webinars” undertaking! You remain a trusted source, and I commend you for continuing your awesome work!

    Kristen L. Skogrand

  2. Hey Chris,

    Webinars do indeed rock. A lot of the internet marketing crowd and also pre-web biz consultant crowd (who still make big bucks and work with big firms) use webinars as a default info-deliving strategy.

    Seems like, unusually, the blogosphere is a little behind on this one. Bring on the rockin' live content!

  3. chrisgarrett says:

    I see things with fresh eyes now but I came from the techy side of things so webinars were just a part of work life 🙂

  4. I confess that I have never attended a webinar. Almost did a couple of times, but “real” life took over and I forgot I had registered and missed them.

    The thought of conducting my own is somewhat overwhelming and I have no idea where to start. But at least I'm thinking about it. LOL

  5. andytraub says:

    I attend at least one webinar a week b/c there are so many free ones available and it's an awesome way to learn new skills. I DESPISE teleconferences now b/c I hate just sitting there listening to people talk. I often have webinars in the background while I'm doing other things though b/c it seems that most webinar creators don't really utilize the true power of webinars. They forget to use their screens for more than powerpoint. I'd rather see some stuff happening I guess…looking forward to your webinar on Wednesday Chris. Have a great week.

  6. Great post! I have been attending webinars for learning new IT, web development, or business information.

    I am have been considering going to start hosting some myself for WordPress training sessions. Your post convinced me!

    Thanks again.

  7. Hi Chris,

    Great post. Webinars are also instant products, with many different forms of upsell. One of the other benefits is that it is a product that you don't have to create beforehand, except for some slides. Currently on a coaching course by Alex Jeffreys and you get so much more from webinars than you would get from say an ebook to study, or even just an audio. The interaction makes them unique. wouldn't hesitate in attending others and hope to hold my own some day, if I ever get the nerve that is.

  8. Chellewrites says:

    Darn, I have to be at a client all day. I don't suppose it will be available for download or watching later?


  9. lewishowes says:

    I love this post. Not just because I love webinars myself, but you give great examples and step by step graphics of how powerful webinars can be for your business. You the man Chris 🙂

  10. I agree that Webinars may be an overlooked tool in many business arenas. As a writer, I’m guilty of assuming everyone loves to read (blogs, eBooks, white papers) as much as I do. The truth is that I’m something of a freak in that dept & a large percentage of the rest of the world would much rather consume information via audio and/or video. Webinars can provide both.

    A few months ago, I partnered with one of my “Savvy Sisters” on a presentation about giving good presentations. I wrote about it on our blog in the “cliff’s notes” version:

    Just downloaded your Webinars Rock book and am looking fwd to what looks like some more great content. Thanks for doing what you do!

  11. Lexi Rodrigo says:

    I've started hosting webinars myself. I enjoy interacting with the participants and seeing my list grow at the same time. The affiliate income is a nice side benefit. Recently, I got the idea to use my webinars to promote my copywriting services and digital products.

    I can't wait for your webinar about webinars, Chris! (Especially since it matches my own branding, “Magnetic New Marketing.”)

  12. Great post! The next step in my affiliate marketing strategy is to host my own webinar. Your article has encouraged me to look into it. What is the best way to get started? What is the best software?

  13. Thank you for the very good post! It’s high quality. I have been visiting your website for a long time already and it’s the first time I leave a comment. Keep up the excellent job and keep on delivering the best value! thanks

  14. chrisgarrett says:

    Thanks 🙂

  15. chrisgarrett says:

    That's a nice coincidence isn't it? Although someone did have to remind me to get both webinar and webinars version of the domain! 😉

  16. chrisgarrett says:

    No YOU the man Lewis 😉

  17. chrisgarrett says:

    The replay will be ready any moment – I just had to re-edit it 🙂

  18. chrisgarrett says:

    If I can gather the nerve I am sure you can, it is a lot easier than presenting to a convention audience and doesn't require you to dress smart 😉

  19. chrisgarrett says:

    I have done that myself and people LOVE it, there are a few land mines to avoid but can be very fulfilling and profitable

  20. chrisgarrett says:

    I think it depends what you want to teach – I go to my browser or desktop if demonstrating, but a static screen with faces if in Q&A, etc etc

  21. chrisgarrett says:

    They are very useful both to attend and to deliver – I find it a great way to learn

  22. says:

    Great Post! I think that the most important aspect has to be relationship building. As I read in a previous post, the friends you meet are “worth their weight in gold.”

  23. Kathleen Garolsky says:

    Very reliable and useful information here.Great job..Thanks..

  24. I'd like to develop some webinars – time has always been my issue. With that said, I think they're an affordable alternative to larger conferences.I know so many people who would like to attend BlogWorld or SXSW but can't because of cost or childcare issues. Webinars bring all that learning to them at a fraction of the cost.