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Join Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett in Portland Oregon: Thursday 10 July 2014

This post is left for archive purposes, the event was July 2014

Want to join Darren Rowse and me for a day of blogging talk?

Or maybe going to World Domination Summit and getting in a day early?

I’m thrilled to be able to share that Darren Rowse and Chris Guillebeau have arranged a ProBlogger training day in Portland Oregon on Thursday 10 July. They invited me along because I guess Darren would be lonely or something?

Darren rowse chris garrett

The day will be called the ProBlogger Academy and it’s being run as part of Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit.

This will be a rare opportunity for people outside Australia to see Darren in action – he was a huge hit last year at WDS and this year at Authority Intensive – plus you get both Darren and me in the same room at the same time!

Tickets are limited and given their price they could go quickly. If you’re a WDS attendee they are just $29 USD and if you’re not a WDS ticket holder they’re still a bargain at $49 USD!


Breaking News

Now with extra special guests!

We can now announce that joining us on stage will be some of our favourite people including:

I am sure you will agree this is fantastic value, which begs the question …

Why so inexpensive?

No, there will be no pitches:

  1. we wanted to make this as accessible for as many people as possible (well, people who can make it to Portland)
  2. we’re doing this as a part of the larger WDS event and they’re a non-profit (crazy, but true)

Darren and I are involved simply because we love WDS, we love Chris Guillebeau (don’t tell him, he has a big enough ego as it is, ha!), and we want to give a little something back. Also it’s a nice way to hang out with friends and meet new ones.

The day runs from 9am-4pm (although we’ll stop for breaks along the way) and we hope to have a couple of special guests along to be involved in the teaching.

We’ll cover our main 4 ‘pillars’ of blogging:

  • Creating Killer Content
  • Finding Readers
  • Building Community
  • Monetization

We’ll cover the all of this in a practical, “do this because it works” way rather than rah rah motivational fluff. You’ll come home with a head full of ideas. There will be plenty of time to explore other topics as we always include opportunity for Q&A. We have both learned a great deal in the last year that we can’t wait to share with you.

Looking forward to seeing you in person. Darren has promised a free hug to the first 400 attendees …

This post is left for archive purposes, the event was July 2014

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  1. I’m in – can’t wait! I knew I planned to arrive in Portland on Wednesday for a reason…

  2. I’m in – can’t wait – but the big question – will Darren be wearing his Superman costume? 😉

  3. Alas I am in the UK but this post inspired me to think about the possibility of future events that I could attend.

    In all honesty most seminars are out of reach financially. This ones out of reach geographically.

    But As I said would love to take a weekend trip to some great event like this. And although I wont be there the thought of next time around is really rather eXciting and I don’t usually do eXciting. Ha!

    • When I was starting out we would try to mix a family vacation with events I wanted to go to, but before long I was being invited to speak – when you speak at the very least you get your conference pass thrown in, but it can go all the way up to being paid well to attend an event you wanted to go to anyway 🙂

      Of course this one is being kept as low-cost as possible as WDS is a non-profit, but I do take your point about the travel. It certainly helps now that I live in North America rather than Yorkshire 🙂

      • Nice one. Yorkshire is…Well it’s great, really. I only ever passed through which was also great. North America? Maybe I watch to many movies but I should have been born American. Hey If Andrew Carnegie made that choice it must have been a wise one. (thinking about it it was his failing? father who took him there) Although I think he had it a little harder than myself.

        I would really love to attend a real live event though and I actually made my mind up just last week to make it happen. This post just made me a little more determined, thanks Chris.

  4. Hi Chris, I actually just read a couple of your old posts the most recent one was “How To Choose The Best Name For Your Blog”. Of course the comments for the blog written in 2008 is now closed but I… Well to be honest I wanted your opinion on my name? Not having really reflected on your post as yet (I will later) I am still quite worried (worried is the wrong word) but you understand.

    Of course you can guess who crops up in the search engine results when I search for my own name and although they are not exactly the same I always get comments when people learn my name.

    As a drummer I could take advantage of that (just realizing i should probably write a blog myself about it – I probably will sooner or later) simply because TIME SPACE and drumming is all about TIME and Leaving SPACE for the other musicians to play. Do you think as a newbie (i dont like the word newbie it’s like blog? LOL) Interested in and slowly pursuing IM that the name will work against me?

    I thought I would ask as expert opinion is always good. If you can get them? Thanks for the post anyway and sorry I posted this here being unrelated and all. Thanks.

    • There are tons of people with my name, one of them is a politician in USA, another I actually met at a conference in UK when we were both speaking 🙂 Audiences tend to know from context which version of a name we are talking about. You could do the actor/writer thing and use your middle initial, but I wouldn’t worry about it.