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Why I Switched to the Headway Premium Theme for WordPress

Headway Premium WordPress Theme
The Headway blog theme is now powering and so many people asked me about it that I thought I would write up my thinking behind the decision.

Mostly people were either shocked or congratulated me.

Shock came from the fact a lot of people know me as an advocate for the Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and Brian Clark. Why would I recommend this theme so much and so often, but then go with their main competitor for my signature blog?

Of course the congratulations came from all the people who are big fans of Headway and like to see people adopting it πŸ™‚

What I think about Thesis

I am still a huge fan of the Thesis Theme and I am still using it, in my own projects (a whole bunch of existing and some new ones), and client projects.

  • The typography looks great, the best of the premium themes out there.
  • It’s fast, and speed is an important element.
  • As a framework to build upon, it is top-notch. Chris Pearson has put in a great deal of effort “under the hood” and it shows.
  • They have built a fantastic environment for affiliates – Chris Brogan pays his mortgage using it and every other big name out there recommends it.

So why not use it here on this blog?

Why Headway?

I had intented to for quite a while, in fact that was the plan right up until Grant demonstrated the Headway theme for me at SOBCon and blew me away. Had Grant not sat near me in Chicago this site would have been running Thesis right now.

Fact is, while the current incarnation could have been done with Thesis, what I have planned for this site would have required a significant amount of hacking and coding in the form of hooks, CSS and PHP. This site is not going to be a simple blog for much longer, which means I am going to be moving stuff around and testing different things. Tinkering and tweaking ability is a major plus for me.

This is geeky code stuff I could do, given time, but it brought home the feedback I had been getting from certain clients and readers.

You see there are people and businesses that Thesis is ideal for. If you have a designer or know enough CSS/PHP then you are going to completely rock your blog with Thesis, no question.

As Chris Brogan says on his blog Thesis is “a great template/starting point for designers to work from”.

If you don’t want to code or pay someone else to, then I recommend Headway.

What Headway offers is a great theme that you can customise visually. You don’t have to know any of the geek stuff if you don’t want to. Simply drag items around to move them, point and click to change colours, and so on. If you want different pages to have a different look, perhaps different items in the sidebar, you don’t need to add any plugins or know any programming talk.

Yes, it is a powerful system so is not the fastest theme on the block. It also does not look fantastic “out of the box” because the idea is you are buying a solid foundation. You make it yours.

I am going to recommend you try Headway, not just because I get an affiliate commission (I will, not enough to pay my mortgage, but I will) but because I already knew there was a need and now I know Headway is the solution to that need.


I love Thesis, I am still going to recommend it and use it. But, and it is only a small but (unlike Brogan and Mixalot I prefer small ones) I recommend Thesis to the people who can use it. Headway and Thesis will continue improving and competing, that has to be good news for customers like us, but for now they each fit certain markets better than others.

The combination of WordPress and Headway means anyone can build exactly the site or blog they want without having to know any programming or design code. That’s powerful.

Check out Headway right now and see if you could create something fantastic with it because I can recommend it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris, great to have someone of your credibility spruiking Headway! I first got into Headway because I thought it would be good for getting the easy sites out the door more quickly. And that it is.

    But I soon found a LOT of power under the hood.

    And right up front is Headway’s killer feature: Leafs.

    Leafs give you control over laying out your content not unlike desktop publishing where each piece of content is its own box.

    Other frameworks are built around the idea of columns – 1, 2, or 3 usually. Mixing them on a single page starts to become a bit of work. And changing them even more work.

    Headway though doesn’t worry about columns. It doesn’t need to. Your layout of the leafs determines the columns. You want 1-2-3 layout? No worries. 2-3-2? No worries. 2-1-4? Again, no worries. 5-3-6-1-4? No worries, of course! You can do them all and any others with no coding. (Ok, almost no coding – you might need to add the occasional clear:left – altho that is mooted as a leaf option in a future release)

    Check this site:
    After going live, the client decide they wanted the About Us at the top. 30 seconds work. It took longer to login and get to the page than it did to make that change!

    Check this site: The video and quotes are sitting in a sidebar – so they are widgets. A sidebar between content – easy. Further, on this site, each of the three text areas is a page in WordPress. This layout closely resembles the mockup emailed to me by the client. Headway let me easily build what looks a more complicated layout.

    The Visual Editor of Headway also means you can easily wireframe in it, prototype, develop and then go live.

    Using Headway is like using MS Publisher compared to MS Word. You can still do the same looking thing, but there is a different way you need to learn. And it’s well worth learning.

  2. Funny. I was looking at the Headway theme recently after I started a new blog using Woo Themes. Woo looks pretty “out of the box” but really has some quirky idiosyncrasies. I think I would like to try Headway but, to be honest, I get intimidated by all the fields no matter how easy it is to drag and drop.

    I also don't necessarily want to pay a designer a gazillion dollars to get it to look how I'd like it to look before handing it back to me, either. If you know what I mean. I wonder if there are good, reasonably priced Headway designers that can help and where one might find these folks.

  3. What's Headway like for SEO?
    Isn't that a major selling point of Thesis?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Headway is right up there with Thesis, if not further ahead. I’ve used both themes (like Chris, Thesis was my choice prior to switching), and both are solid. Yet the sheer amount of options that Headway offers is amazing.

      This information on the main Headway site gives a great overview:

      And as a testimonial, I’m regularly getting top 5 results on Google for my posts. For SEO, Headway does the business for sure. πŸ™‚

  4. Like Andrew I have heard about the power of SEO and Thesis and wondered if that was true. I use it because I think I remember reading it someplace but have no idea if that is fact or not. I can't see much difference between them otherwise so I guess it will all be in the ease of use which can only be tested by buying really.

  5. chrisgarrett says:

    Headway is great for SEO from what I can tell. I used AllinOneSEO plugin before, Headway does all of that plus some extra stuff.

  6. chrisgarrett says:

    Thesis is good with SEO, a lot of the SEO bloggers are affiliates which tells you something! That said, Headway is also good with SEO. Which is better? I don't honestly know, but for me the ability to really customise wins because search traffic is not my main source of visitors, and in terms of good leads search traffic is down the list.

    Headway has a learning curve to get the most out of it, but there is a great community forum, great support, and lots of tutorials and tips out there. In fact I am going to put some stuff together myself from what I have learned this week.

  7. chrisgarrett says:

    There are a lot of options, definitely. It is not a simple activate and go theme, but then you don't want it to look like every other site out there anyway. There are quite a few designery types using Headway, best to check with the Headway folks for suggestions or in their forum.

  8. ashkanparsa says:

    Having used Thesis must admit if you really want to customise it you need to know your coding and be quite geeky. All that hook system requires knowledge. on the plus side though simple things like changing fonts or page width are really easy and the possibility to change easily from two columns to three very useful.

  9. chrisgarrett says:

    Yeah fonts and widths are simple changes, but I have had multiple clients come to me and have me help them implement their theme because they don't dare do a lot of the stuff that it takes to really brand their theme to how they want it. Headway has a lot of options (perhaps there should be a quick start mode?) but at least the fear factor of code is removed πŸ™‚

    I love Thesis but it is not for everyone. Just like Headway is the best fit for the code-phobic DIYer but not the best if you are a designer, etc

  10. Nice review! I'd like to point out that although headway is marketed to people looking to avoid a bunch of code, if you DO know PHP/CSS then it's not hard to get a fantastic looking blog on a powerful layout system.

    Congratulations on the switch. I hope you find it easy to grow your blog with Headway. ^_^

  11. I've been using Thesis for some time now and there is no question, it is a programmers theme. That said, the support community has been very helpful in providing the code I need to make Thesis do what I need it to do. I've also seen a jump in search engine rankings since I switched my main blog to Thesis. (result of Thesis? Who knows)

    Thanks to Thesis I've learned more programming than I ever wanted to know. I've been looking at Headway as a much easier way to get a site to do what I want it to do. After watching the tour on the Headway page, I'm not convinced Headway is any easier. Most of the options described on the “visual editor” are now easily done through Thesis either through the control panel or by copying and pasting code that is readily available in the Thesis support forums. (code which now I have, I reuse over and over)

    Then I read about the “leaf” feature. If this is truly a drag and drop feature that lets me easily move content, create photo sliders and the like, then Headway is on to something. I would love a program that let me move content on the page in the same way I can move Widgets in the sidebar. (side by side and vertical).

    Am I on the right track in thinking that is what Headway does? Widgetize content?

    Is there a sample site available that was built using just the visual features (no custom coding)?

    Great review. Thanks for any additional input.


  12. I'm enjoying your blog's new look – it's not drastically different– but cleaner overall…Which I find interesting for a blog that already had a straightforward design. I'm looking for a “real” blog theme now to move into, but (unlike you Chris) I am not that handy with code. I think I'll take a look at Headway as an option.

    Change is good.

  13. chrisgarrett says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚ I thought I would start with something pretty similar to what I had before and evolve it (something Headway made easy). Over time I am adding membership and dedicated landing page stuff, so it has to have that flexibility too πŸ™‚

  14. chrisgarrett says:

    That's pretty much what the Leaf feature does, yeah. Grant or Clay would be able to advise better, on that and your other questions πŸ™‚

    You are obviously comfortable with code but I have clients who don't want to even copy and paste code because we all know what happens when you put it in the wrong place, misunderstand what it does, or make another mistake πŸ™‚

    With Thesis you do end up growing a libarary of code snippets that you paste over and over, and that is fine for folks who enjoy that (I am a geek, I fully understand!)

    Seeing the changes you make as you make them is a much more comfortable approach, plus better for people who “will know what they want when they see it”.

  15. chrisgarrett says:

    That's great to know – and I am sure there are a lot of folks who are happy to know you and others in the Headway community are there to help out πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Chris-wish I would have read this blog post 5 months ago! Since I do not consider 'code as poetry,' I may have to switch. In the meantime, I'll just visit lots of boring wp tutorials-yay!


  17. chrisgarrett says:

    Ha, sorry about that – I actually did know about Headway months ago but it was only when I sat with Grant and remembered my customers troubles that I fully understood πŸ™‚

  18. chrisgarrett says:

    Awesome, Leafs are something I definitely need to investigate!

  19. DevinGalaudet says:

    Hey Chris,

    Your blog came at the right moment for me. I have been using the same template for years for one of my travel sites that has several thousand articles and hundreds of pages (for different countries, authors and travel-related subjects), but have been scared of changing because there has been so many changes to the home page. I had a designer do it, but turns out he was really not a designer, but a smart guy.

    Do you have a template suggestion for someone who will need to add hundreds of pages, or css entries, to organize the many articles I prefer not to reload?

  20. DevinGalaudet says:

    Hey Chris,

    Your blog came at the right moment for me. I have been using the same template for years for one of my travel sites that has several thousand articles and hundreds of pages (for different countries, authors and travel-related subjects), but have been scared of changing because there has been so many changes to the home page. I had a designer do it, but turns out he was really not a designer, but a smart guy.

    Do you have a template suggestion for someone who will need to add hundreds of pages, or css entries, to organize the many articles I prefer not to reload?

  21. sue_anne says:

    At the Social Media Club – Salt Lake City, the Headway vs. Thesis discussion came up and pretty much echoes what you have to say here. If you are really into digging into the PHP backend and have the experience to do that, Thesis is your theme. If you don't have PHP experience but still want to do a lot of really cool things with your blog in more of a “drag & drop” / WYSIWYG environment, you should go with Headway.

  22. Hey Chris, any ideas as to who should get your Christmas card this year, other than you? πŸ˜‰

    Just kidding buddy. Grant and Clay put out a great product. A lot of people are better suited to Thesis, but certainly not everyone, and that's the beauty of the WordPress premium market. Choice!

  23. remarkablogger says:

    Headway has more SEO features than any other theme on the market, including nofollow and noindex on a post/page basis, and the ability to nofollow links within a post. Headway has a built-in slug cleanup utility. And it takes over AIOSEO pack, allowing you to get rid of AIOSEO and keep the SEO changes made to all your older posts.

  24. remarkablogger says:

    Agreed. They are very different from each other and most folks will like one better than the other. Choice is a beautiful thing.

  25. chrisgarrett says:

    I was on your Christmas card list?? πŸ˜‰

    As I say above “Headway and Thesis will continue improving and competing, that has to be good news for customers like us” – for us punters it's a great thing and I can't wait to see what the next versions of both look like πŸ™‚

  26. chrisgarrett says:

    Yup and I think there is a space in the middle – more end user customisation than Thesis but with more out of the box usability and speed than Headway …

  27. chrisgarrett says:

    The theme and the content should be seperate – are you saying the two are tied together in your site?

  28. Having choices of premium themes for WordPress users will help to drive us to make our own offerings better. Oh, and Brian, I will be looking for my Christmas card this year.

  29. Having choices of premium themes for WordPress users will help to drive us to make our own offerings better. Oh, and Brian, I will be looking for my Christmas card this year.

  30. Some of my favourite sites use Headway so clinched it for me when Danny Brown tweeted it – however I didn't realise I'd have to buy skins / spend extra – that was a slight surprise.

    Luckily my brother knows CSS stuff so he's helping me customise without having to dish out more $. Will have it up and running in a few weeks then it'll be time to show my baby off to the World.

    Haven't been this excited about a theme in a year πŸ˜€ Looking forward to what you've got in store for us Chris! Tia @TiaSparkles

  31. What a classy guy!

    I own a copy of Thesis btw and I haven't launched it yet because I'm reading up on all those fancy “ninja”
    hooks and such… Anyway it's nice to know you welcome competition πŸ™‚ Iron sharpens iron….

  32. I still would choose Thesis over Headway because of the ease of use and the new scribd service

  33. I'm still using Thesis. But I've also begun using and recommending the Frugal theme for many of the same reasons you describe here: ease of use, friendliness to beginners, etc.

    You'd done a nice job adapting Headway for your site, Chris!

  34. I guess one question that leaves me wondering about though is:

    'By digging into the PHP backend and thus going thru extra pain, am I left with superior results? And if yes, in what area?'

    (or put another way, does Thesis have more potential providing you're prepared to get your hands dirty or hire a programmer to?)

  35. Hey Chris what's up?

    Great overview of the Headway theme.

    I just started my own blog about TRYING to start an online business so I'm still a bit clueless right now but you've convinced me that once things settle down a bit I want to buy this theme! (I'll make sure to use your link since I appreciate it!)

    Darren L Carter

  36. chrisgarrett says:

    Cool, just take things one step at a time πŸ™‚

  37. chrisgarrett says:

    I'm still using Thesis too, and I am sure it will get better each iteration. Right now though Headway suits certain people and situations better. We don't marry the products, just because we have a hammer doesn't mean every problem becomes a nail, right? πŸ™‚

  38. chrisgarrett says:

    I think you might mean Scribe SEO service? It works with Headway.

  39. chrisgarrett says:

    I didn't need anything extra, this site is just using the default Headway install. Why do you think you need to pay for extra stuff?

  40. chrish341 says:

    “(perhaps there should be a quick start mode?)”

    Funny you should mention that… That's definitely on Clay's to do list.

  41. chrish341 says:

    Ken, you can contact sales at Headway for more info. Also, the forums (which are members only) has a jobs board.

    One of the things I like about Headway is it doesn't slap you in the face with “all the fields”. That is something that I found intimidating in Frugal and Thesis.(Altho, I'm sure whatever you get familiar with will seem easy)

    In Headway, style elements are selected from a dropdown or by clicking on them. You then get presented with their main styling options.

    Any questions, ask away. Or drop an email to sales at headwaythemes

  42. Thanks!

    I figured that the forums were for the paying members only when I couldn't find a way to access them. I looked at the portfolio on the Headway website and there is some good stuff but I was hoping to be able to check out a designer/developers work and get and idea of what something like that costs before plunking down the cost of the theme itself.

  43. I'm still finding my way around I guess! I thought one needed to buy skins to customise cos there are all those ones being sold there (not a techie so cldn't figure out what that was all about) but my bro says it's all good πŸ™‚

  44. If I can drag and drop and make my life a bit easier, I'll at least have to give it a look. Headway sounds like it will fit the bill. I have just recently started reading your blog and I have found several good tips that I have started implementing. Thanks Chris for sharing.

  45. DrDeborahBarry says:

    Chris, I have some BASIC questions that I are perhaps taken for granted. (Though I might find the answers yet while reading my copy of ProBlogger!)

    1. The term THEME, how is it being used re blogging. Is it like 'template”?

    2. This one is embarrassing. I don't really know how to find blogs, how to follow blogs, and how to read blogs that I'm following. I'm *here* because this 'issue' came to me as an email – with a link to this format. Writing this question has lead to 2 new questions:

    3. What do I call a blog entry? For example, I used 'issue' above, like I would for a magazine. Should I have said, “…because this blog entry came to me… ” ?

    4. I kinda have a vaguely-formed question about blogs vs newsletters. I got an email from you. You had used aweber, just like lots of people use to send me their newsletters. The content of your email was this [blog entry/ issue]. It included a link to this blog. (Some confusion / ignorance over the terminology.)

    Did you – make a newsletter, the content of which was the content of your blog entry?
    Did you then just link your newsletter to this blog entry (here on your blog)?

    Clear as mud?
    Thanks, in advance, for any clarity you can provide! (yeah!)

  46. chrish341 says:

    @Impluse: Ease of use is be a relative thing. I use Headway but I really want to learn Thesis but don't have the time. So I don't see Thesis as easier to use.

    I changed a layout in Headway from 2-1-1 (columns on front page) to 1-2-1 in 30 seconds. I can't imagine doing it any faster in any other framework.

  47. chrish341 says:

    Tia – are all Thesis skins free? Paid for themes/skins are becoming more and more common in the WordPress world, as users seek to find higher quality stuff with good ongoing support.

    Thesis and Headway are theme frameworks, not themes. They both still require someone to apply design to them. From everything I read, Thesis will require more coding than Headway to achieve that design. (Happy to be corrected on that point.)

    Skins are very new on Headway and I think they haven't even really updated their promo pages to reflect their existence. And currently there's only a handful available.

    That said, I do think Headway and Thesis oversell how easy they are. But hey, every product does that. No one's going to undersell their product. “XYZ Inc: Proudly building average products for 50 years.”

    BTW You should be glad that Headway was easy enough for your brother to customise that he didn't have to charge you. πŸ˜‰ It *might* have been different with another framework.

  48. Chris, I have no idea! You seem more of a techie than me πŸ˜€

    I've never used Thesis – have always liked it and was considering getting it but fell in love with Headway and the rest was history. Yep, I've heard that Headway's easier for people like me – haven't found it quite that easy yet BUT I reckon that's cos I want graphics, logos, super cool headers etc for 2 different sites and that's a design element outside of the theme/framework.

    My brother hasn't done anything yet, he's having fun playing & reading up on stuff! He's new to wordpress but is a developer / programmer & is getting the hang of it real quick (spent an hour on the phone telling me the difference between skins n something else – say what?).

    I actually bought the developer option with him in mind – a great side income which could turn into a proper biz for him. So for being such an awesome sister, he'd better not be charging me .. hehe >: ) Defo think paid themes are way more professional looking & sexier than the free ones. Cheers mate!

  49. Although I haven’t used Headway myself in any project, and am currently a user of Thesis on my blog, I have been recommending it to many of my clients who have little to no experience with CSS, HTML or PHP. Recently, I recommended Headway to a friend who owns a photography business and they’ve created a simple, elegant portfolio site ( with it.

    As Chris has indicated each theme has its own specific target audience. For many of my client projects in which I’m handling the design, development and implementation, I use Thesis. For clients that want greater control and flexibility, I recommend Headway.

    Great review Chris, thanks!

  50. chrisgarrett says:

    1. Yes, the Theme is the “look” of your site. It could be how you leave it or provide the features to use as a starting point (change fonts, colours, etc or add designs called 'Skins').

    2. The best way to find blogs is through recommendation – for example I linked to Chris Brogran a couple of times in this article, and also people who you like in places like Twitter or Forums will often link to their blogs. If you find a good blog you can almost always follow it by adding your email address into a box. Don't worry about RSS feeds or any of that geeky stuff right now πŸ™‚

    3. A blog entry is a blog “post”, which is pretty much the same as an article for all intents and purposes. You also have “Pages”, like the “About Chris” page. Posts are what you get to your email inbox.

    4. I use Aweber to send out my blog posts to email so that people get one article per email usually. BUT I also have a couple of blog digests, which are collections of articles one after the other in a single email, or all the posts I published that week. That is different to a newsletter in that a newsletter will often be written especially for email and could contain links to blog posts or be self-contained.

  51. chrisgarrett says:

    Glad you are enjoying it πŸ™‚

  52. Dear Chris: I'm new to this blogging thing! I've been doing a lot of research on blogs and you
    make a lot of GREAT posts. I stumbled onto your blog and subscribed! Thank you for very
    good and QUALITY info.

  53. Oh, sure…now you tell me after I spent an entire weekend teaching myself how to tweak code for my new site theme! Sure I'm a better person for it…I think. Sure, I certainly learned a lot. But NOT having to do it would have been great! Still, having this as a back up just in case all my tweaks don't work out is helpful. Thanks for sharing and giving a thorough critique.

  54. Thanks for sharing this! It took me about 6 weeks to really wrestle with Thesis last year when I first purchased it. The scuttlebutt had been that it was the perfect, customizable option for non-developers who wanted to create their own clean, professional-looking WP site, right? Well, as it turned out, you STILL needed to learn basic PHP and coding in order to get it to really work properly. I don't regret buying it or all the work I put into it, especially now that I've been able to create an unexpected side business assisting clients with getting THEIR Thesis sites to work properly, but I've been on the lookout for awhile for a relatively simple theme that really DOESN'T require development capabilities. This looks like the one for me! Again, thanks a mil for sharing!


  55. a_creative_life says:

    I'm really glad you wrote this and posted it to your list – thank you! After checking out several other reviews, and the Headway site, I decided to splurge and go for it, even though I *just* bought the developer's version of Thesis! (Argh..) I'm just getting my feet wet, but already I'm really excited about what it can do, and how *easily*! Plus there's no additional license fee for client sites! I'm just starting out creating sites for others, but hopefully Headway will pay for itself soon.

  56. I love this WordPress Theme competition. It's better for all of us.

    I hope that Thesis 2.0 blows headway out of the water!

    How's the Headway support? I love the Thesis support, and it's the thing keeping me with them.

  57. Hey there Tia,

    The Skins option are there for anyone that doesn't want to get their hands “dirty” with their own customizations. Thesis also offers this option, and it's a great way to have a custom-built look ready to go from the start. Skins are built by other Headway users for you to use if you like – some are free, some are premium.

    But you definitely don't need to buy any – Headway will let you rock your blog or site from the start πŸ™‚

    Heck, it even taught me how to use CSS – so bonus! πŸ™‚

    PS – thanks for the shout, glad I could help, and look forward to seeing what you come up with – be sure to holler!

  58. I agree, the decision by the Headway guys to remove the site limitations on the dev license is a great piece of business πŸ™‚

  59. Why would you hope that, Hashim? Isn't competition great? Keeps everyone striving to make the best product around, and that can only benefit us (the end users) at the end of the day πŸ™‚

    As for the Headway support, it was slow to begin with (but then it was a brand new theme), but now with full-time moderators and more people using the theme, there's a lot more expertise around. Last count there was just under 3,000 users of the product, so the support community is definitely there.

    Add in the fact that Clay Griffiths (the developer) really listens to feature requests and puts as much as he can into each update, and there's no complaint from this user. πŸ™‚

  60. Danny,
    to clarify, I hope that after Thesis blows Headway out of the water, headway will update again and blow Thesis out of the sky.

    I like the competition.

  61. Hey there Hashim,

    Gotcha. Although wouldn't it also be great for each theme simply to blow their userbase away with each update and not worry about “the competition”? πŸ™‚

  62. Thanks Danny! I started working on my site on Thursday – 3 days ago – and am hoping to have it done in a couple of weeks. Although, it may well be 4 weeks depending on content/design stuff … will defo share it from the rooftops when finished πŸ™‚ Cheers mate!

  63. Anytime, m'dear – looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  64. Anytime, m'dear – looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  65. A few of my real estate friends are running on Headway. They like the “plug and play” feature of it (in other words, the fact that you don't have to do much coding to get things to look a certain way). For the non-designer, I think that's a beauty.

  66. I bought this because of this post! Very cool theme – extremely malleable. Try it out, it's worth it!

  67. Hey there Ken,

    I'm currently talking with a designer at the minute about updating my blog. Not sure what “look” you're looking for but I'll holler when live, if you like.

  68. It couldn't hurt. I live in the MD Suburbs outside of DC.

  69. Chris,

    Can I get the 2nd copy (to test)? πŸ™‚ Unless you installed it on some other blog of yours…

  70. That's the best advice! πŸ™‚

  71. Hi Chris,

    Is this theme optimized for monetization so that it is easy to run ads using adsense ( or similar networks) and blog sponsors?