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Want To See First-Class Examples of Flagship Content?

People are starting to provide me with some excellent feedback on my free Killer Flagship Content ebook. One of the requests is for me to provide more examples. Funnily enough I was just reading Aarons (excellent) blog and saw his short video entitled “What is a Self Reinforcing Authority“. As well as examples that illustrate his own point they also support the Flagship Content idea

Some documents and websites build self reinforcing authority that make them hard to beat for their targeted search terms. This video explains how that works and gives examples of some self reinforcing market authorities, as well as tips on how to make these types of sites and pages.

Aaron, as usual, makes a good point. Once you “get there” in terms of visibility, there is a self-reinforcing effect. People link to you because your content is famous, it gets more famous because people link, search engines give you top ranking, more people find you, link to you … and so on. How do you kick off that cycle? Killer Content


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