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Authority Websites: Show AND Tell

Authority Pro WordPress Theme

Authority Pro WordPress Theme

It’s not enough just to have a website, or even to have an attractive website full of useful content. In order to succeed as the go-to person in your niche, you need to communicate your authority with your website

You need to communicate your authority through your design, your layout and your content.

What do we always say?

People need to know, like and trust you.

Know means recognition. Like means the design and content needs to relate and connect with people in a positive way. Trust means it needs to convey that trustworthiness, or at least not detract from it.

Crucial Website Elements of Authority

Your job has to convey two important things:

Who you are and why that matters

  1. Your story (How did you start and what challenges have you faced? What did you discover? Where are you now?)
  2. Your value (Vital element – why should people care what you have to say?)
  3. Your credibility (Why should people trust what you say?)
  4. Your difference (How are you different to anyone else doing similar things?)
  5. Your advantage (Why does that difference make a difference to your customers?)
  6. = Your unique appeal (Wrap all of the above into your unique value proposition)

Your website is just the start

Communicate all these repeatedly and consistently, in your emails, your podcast, start vlogging (audio AND visual really helps – let people see your body language). Your social media profiles and posts should reinforce this message, while connecting further with your most wanted prospects.

Break it down:

  1. Who you help
    1. Who can you most help?
    2. Who do you most work with?
    3. Who do you NOT work with?
  2. How you help
    1. Statement of value
    2. Testimonials
    3. Case studies
  3. What to do next
    1. Email signup (get them to come back)
    2. Social links (keep that face of yours top of mind)
    3. Free stuff (that helps their burning problems)
    4. Paid stuff (that goes deep into those challenges and goals)
    5. Events and speaking (where to find you next, and who has hired you to speak)

Next Step

Get a friend or a stranger to let you know if your online presence communicates all the above, and if not fix it.

I know this website needs a makeover, so I am going to upgrade my site and record myself doing it (see the vlog point above!).

If you are struggling with your own design then Rafal has you covered with a new Authority-focused WordPress theme up on StudioPress, click for more information on that.

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  1. Thanks Chris!
    You said it all so well. Know, like and trust! My mantra!
    I am not at all a creative type so this theme was awesome for me. Easy to work with, excellent tutorial.
    I am already seeing more email subscribes, contact and shares since I installed the Authority Pro theme. I still have some work to do on it and can’t wait to see even more results!
    Thanks again. Love the theme.

  2. Love it! makes me reconsider about my page, since a while I wanted to make some changes!

    Thanks for this Chris!

    Greetings from Paraguay!