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Boost Your Blog Traffic, a Five Module Online Course

Darren ran a survey with a group of ProBlogger readers recently and the overwhelming response was most bloggers are facing a  ‘lack of traffic’ as their main challenge.

I am not surprised, when I ask my readers and customers they often tell me that they wish they had a bigger audience, more readers, an increase in traffic, and that they want more visibility. All ways of phrasing the same problem.

The simple fact is, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if nobody is reading it. We all have to start out with no audience and growing your readership can be a hard slog unless you follow the right approach.

Do I have the millions of visitors a month that Darren has? No, of course not. It’s not just about quantity but also attracting the right people to your blog. Using these techniques I have grown a steadily growing audience over the years of quality visitors like yourself. Enough that my blogs have provided a full time income since 2005.

Get Readers Starting Now

As part of the Pillars of ProBlogging series Darren and I are sharing our advice about getting more people to read your blog. The official start date is Monday 24th January. We cover what you need to know over five modules, including two live web chats where you can personally ask Darren and I anything you want to know about growing your blog traffic.

The course is just $29.95 USD – or $99 if you want all 4 courses in the Pillars series. It is the 2nd of these courses that we’ve created and the first had some great feedback. We had a lot of fun doing it and we’d love for you to join us for this one!

I am sure you will agree, even if you only get one insight that boosts your traffic then you will more than make your money back, and you have full access to the videos for a year to watch over and over!

Boost the traffic to your blog – sign up today for this course now.

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  1. This should be good

  2. My problem isn’t so much traffic but getting that traffic to say something in the form of blog comments while they are there. Is that kind of thing included? Always happy to learn more – will take a look

  3. This sound really good, I give word out on to few of my friends that are starting up blogs etc..

    Am very confident with Two of you…for years now in what you do for bloggers community.

  4. Very interesting. And I like it when you said that it’s not just about getting lots of visitors but getting the right kind of people to be interested with your blog. You don’t have any glorious claim of how good your sight is, but you state out the clear facts. Now that’s what I like, and that’s the kind I trust.
    -Angela Giles
    Social Media and Publicity DIVA