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How to Start a Blog the Right Way

Have you noticed I have been a bit quiet lately?

There are two reasons.

The first, of course, is that I have been moving country. These things tend to constrain your time a little … I can happily say I am typing this from our rental home in Canada 🙂

Today’s post is about the second reason, though. This summer I traveled down to spend some time with Darren Rowse to start putting together some courses all about what it takes to be a Problogger. The first of these is launched now and is completely free of charge!

Start a Blog with Problogger

This blogging for beginners course is called “Getting Started Blogging” and will walk you through six lessons:

  1. Preparation. In this lesson, you’ll get tips on naming your blog, keyword research, and domain names.
  2. Platforms. Where will your blog live, and which platform is right for you?
  3. Types of Blogs.  This class is an introduction to some of the different blogging approaches you might consider.
  4. WordPress. Here, I show you the steps involved in installing and customising your new WordPress blog.
  5. Adding Killer Content to Your Blog. This lesson is an introduction to the types of content you’ll want to add to your blog.
  6. Introduction to the Pillars of ProBlogging. Once you’ve got the foundations right, Darren walks you through four areas you’ll need to work on moving forward to build a successful blog.

Darren has more information over at the awesome or you can check out the course details and sign up here.

We look forward to helping you start your next blog, and we would really welcome any feedback you have 🙂

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  1. This looks great. Thanks for sharing the link on Twitter. I’m going to check it out.

  2. Glad to hear you arrived safely Chris and remember to pop some pictures up from the new home.

  3. This market is a good one. I’ve found it hard to crack.

    Nearest I can figure (after signing up) is that you’re giving this entire course away for free…(!?)

    Do you have any recommendations for value-added services?

    I’m thinking along the lines of how Free Software works, where the underlying code is free, but actually making it useful often requires hiring someone with specialized skills.

    Anyway, as a result of this (and a couple of other things), I’m raising my rates.

    • What I have found is there is a great many people who want to start their first blog. Within that large group is a smaller but more motivated group who want to set up their blog with all the correct bells and whistles with more of a guarantee of success, or who want it doing for them. There are lots of services from “done for you” through to coaching.

  4. Thanks Chris. Look foward to some great insights!

  5. I’m glad to hear the move went well. All the best with this new venrure.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I’m very much interested in following your class but it seems, I can’t enroll…

  7. Thanks for the new information. Now I am reading your book and grow grow grow……

  8. Hi Chris –

    All the best settling into your new place.

    My daughter is just 15 and she wants to start her first blog. I have to admit – she is brilliant in writing, very readable and witty. Her Facebook posts always have loads of likes and comments. I know she will be really successful. I just printed off a few articles from your blog on ‘good blog writing’ and she is reading them on the bus on her way to school.

    Hopefully she will take your advice on board and will make a great success of her blog.
    I’ll keep you posted.

  9. Chris, I went through the Getting Started course last night and found it brilliant – thanks to you and Darren for putting it together 🙂

    I’m so looking forward to the Pillars of ProBlogging – saving my pennies over Christmas for that one 🙂 That’s just going to be so awesome and exactly what I need – you guys, coupled with SitePoint, rock so hardcore it should almost be illegal 😉

  10. I have spent a lot of time to name my blog, it should not be so difficult but in fact you might need a good guidelines and how to reference/normalize your blog,

    I spent a lot of time to adjust my blog because I didn’t start it in the right way,

    Best wish to all the new bloggers, I think you should take this course, otherwise you will spend two or 3 years to name your blog,

  11. If I were to start over I definitely would have paid more attention to keyword research and thinking of a more coherent narrative for my blog. (I prefer using the word narrative over “niche,” but that is a different story).

    Providing quality content is something that I think needs to be developed over time regardless of how much you read about blogging.

    Either way, the course looks very useful for beginners. I may take a look through it, but I have been oh-so-busy with other stuff for now.

  12. Hi Chris,

    I signed up yesterday over at Darrens blog, looks really good.

    Best of luck settling into your new home, i hope you didn’t have to many breakages. I moved nearly 4 years ago and still haven’t unpacked all the boxes 🙁

    Best of luck Chris


    • I moved 3 years ago Barry, and TODAY I’m trying to unpack the last boxes! 😳 …and that’s only because a friend is moving soon, and they want the empty boxes. 😆


  13. Blogging is a great way to get long term traffic. and backlinks.. its one of my favorite marketing strategies

  14. Blogging, “right”, is a committment and a process. Is it every perfect? are you ever finished? naw I dont think so. Thanks for what you do!

  15. Chris, The course looks good but I daren’t enrol as I’m far too busy procrastinating. 😆

    I tried to comment on an older post but couldn’t, do you have a one month switch off for replies? That might resolve the problem of unanswered/missed comments on old posts. Is that your rationale?


    • Yes it is partly that but also it is the posts with “PageRank” that get attacked by spammers because their bots scrape the search engines looking for pages to get links from. By turning off comments after a few weeks it stops them in their tracks. Unfortunately it does mean the conversation cuts off 🙁

  16. very informative …. & a really nice blog ………