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Social Media Marketing and Linkbait

Want more traffic, more links, and to grow your brand in Social Media?

I have the solution with this Social Media Marketing Service:

  • Gain more attention and visibility
  • Attract links from blogs, portals and sites
  • Boost your ranking in major search engines
  • Branding and visibility enhanced
  • Generate long term link traffic
  • Work within Search Engine Guidelines, not against them!

What you get with a Social Media Marketing and Linkbait Campaign

  1. Attention grabbing “link bait” article to make maximum impact
  2. An article that is valuable, useful, interesting AND begs to be bookmarked
  3. Your article submitted using power-user accounts to gain more visibility and traction
  4. Promotion on the major social bookmarking sites to spread the message
  5. Inbound links from partner sites to provide a search engine jump start
  6. Campaign performance report outlining what worked and what your next steps should be

How Much Does this Cost?

Each Linkbait Article and Social Media Promotion provides

  • all consultations,
  • research,
  • writing,
  • photography,
  • illustration,
  • editing,
  • links,
  • promotion,
  • reports and statistical measurement
  • And of course a stampede of visitors.

… all for just $650.

No Quibble 100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course I can’t control the voting behavior of social media users, but I can offer you this guarantee. If you do not see a spike in traffic and a link boost I will offer you a complete refund.

Next Steps

Hit the PayPal button to order your Social Media campaign and as soon as I get the notification I will be in touch to go over the details.

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