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Boost Your Subscribers, Links and Sales with Flagship Content

What is the one most powerful addition you can make to your blog or site to drive more subscribers links and sales?

You guessed it, Flagship Content!

This could be

  • A PDF ebook or White Paper
  • A comprehensive blog series
  • An audio or video download
  • Or even a survey with results

Flagship Content works as an ambassador for your blog. It draws attention in a way that educates your reader, boosts your credibility, and positions your services in a way that they are bought without you selling.

Know You Need Flagship Content but Stumped What to Do?

Chris has been there and done it and can help you do the same. If you have the writing skills but need a hand developing your idea and strategy, engage Chris to …

  • Develop Flagship Content ideas that will attract new visitors and customers
  • Find out exactly the content your niche is begging for, and exactly the words to use to describe it
  • Mine your existing knowledge and information to pull out and repackage the content you already have available
  • Create headlines and titles to use to develop your own stream of compelling Flagship Content and link bait

This consulting package is available now for $1,697 including all the advice, calls, emails, coaching and critiques to aid your writers in getting your Flagship Content built and out there working for you.

Just hit the PayPal button to get started!

Hire Chris to Build Your Flagship Content

If you haven’t the time or are not quite sure how to put your Flagship Content together, hire Chris. Then you can give your content away as a sign up incentive, or even sell it.

“Chris doesn’t just talk about building authoritative blogs—¦ he builds authoritative blogs. Don’t settle for anyone who can’t walk the talk.”
—” Brian Clark of CopyBlogger and Teaching Sells

What you get

  • All consultations
  • Brainstorming of topics
  • Content creation and editing
  • Document formatting
  • Implementation within your site
  • Promotion

The price for all the consultations, planning, implementation and writing contained in this service is $3,970

Order using the PayPal button below and we can get planning your content