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Do You Know You Need a Business blog or Lead Generating Website

… but do not know all the technical stuff? Are you worried you or your team do not have what it takes to create compelling content and promote it effectively?

Have Chris and his team build an effective blog for you then coach you and/or your team for a full 90 days:

  • Best practice construction based on WordPress, the market-leading blog software
  • Customised professional premium theme template to fit neatly with your brand
  • Search engine friendly to maximise free traffic
  • All the latest essential plugins for all the best features, tailored to your unique needs
  • Training in everything you need to run your own website effectively without paying any outside contractors
  • 90 days of 1:1, private support and guidance via Skype/Phone and Email from Chris Garrett

Im really a big blog skeptic. So when I did went back to blogging after 3 years, I wanted someone who was really good at what they do. Someone who could help me get my blog go from 0 to 200 overnight. And as if that were not enough, I wanted not just one blog up, but four of them, in a span of a few months. Chris Garrett stepped up to the plate. And hes been effective from day one. Hes advised us what we can do in terms of technology. In terms of the nitty-gritty of blogging. And kept us updated on the bits and pieces that help create a blog thats a lot different from all those blogs out there. And thats why Id recommend Chris. When he created our first blog, we were impressed. Impressed enough to create another. And another. And another. You could say, Im a satisfied customer. Im sure youll find Chris talents and abilities will work for your business blog just as well.

— Sean DSouza (website) (one of those blogs)

“A good presence on the World Wide Web is an essential part of business today. We know with our new site our customers and colleagues are going to find it much easier to keep up to date with our news, how we can help, and new services and facilities as they come online.”

— Sean Flynn, Whites Recycling and Waste Management Solutions

When you buy a site build and coaching package from Chris you dont just get a fantastic website built on best-practices from an expert content marketer, you get all the help you need to attract an engaged audience of your most wanted prospects.

  • Identify your audience and your best routes to reaching and delighting them
  • Generate topics and categories that will draw in loyal readers
  • Incremental coaching and critiques of your blog posts, with ideas for how you can improve
  • Training, advice, answers and tips for using the software and all technicalities so you have a constant safety net when things get too geeky!

What Good is a Site With No Readers? Invest in a Useful Lead Generation Tool!

Most people when they talk about building a website, all you get is the software installed, then you are left to work things out for yourself, or at best some basic links to random tutorials.

This service goes way beyond just constructing your site and choosing colours. Unlike other blog building packages you might have seen, this is not just about having a working website, this is about getting you and your offering presented to the world, to the position where you are attracting visitors and fully confident you can keep growing that audience. You get not just a truly useful site, but you have proven coaching and support every step of the way.

A fantastic state-of-the-art website and support for only $1,500. Hit the button below to pay with Credit Card or PayPal and I will be in touch to talk over the details.

PS. Business Blogging is about more than just having a working website. Dont be left stranded with a pretty but useless set of pages, give your business and your self the best chance of success with both a state of the art WordPress business website and all the advice and support you need to generate your most wanted leads.