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New Edition of the Problogger Book Released

Problogger Book 3rd Edition

Well it’s finally here!

The third edition of the Problogger book is now available to order.

(You might have already seen the news at Problogger).

The first edition came out May 2008, co-authored by Darren Rowse and myself, and published by Wiley Publishing.

We released the second edition in 2010 to expand and update the contents.

Now you can grab your copy of the third edition over at Amazon paperback for $16.32 and Kindle ebook for just $9.99. (Not sure if Wiley are going to make other formats available or not).

The third edition again has loads of small updates, including updates on the case studies to bring it right up to date on the last couple of years.

There is also a new chapter on building community and deepening reader engagement on your blog.

Lastly we’ve added a chapter on going beyond your blog, which explores using your blog to open up other opportunities including book deals, consulting, speaking opportunities, landing a job, new businesses, membership sites, and more.

I’m not saying this makes the old editions obsolete but we are pretty happy with how this edition expands on what we had before. This version is now around the 300 page mark.

Bonus webinar for early-bird buyers

As an added incentive, if you pick up the Kindle version in the next week, we’re adding a special bonus webinar.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday March 20 at 7pm US Eastern Time, and will last an hour. It will feature both Darren and myself, and the topic will be The Pillars of ProBlogging.

In the webinar we will walk through four key areas of successful, profitable blogging, and will give some practical tips. We’ll also open up for questions at the end.

The webinar will be recorded for anyone who can’t make the live webinar (or if those who register exceed 1000 in number) but it will only be available to those who buy the book.

To register for the webinar

Here’s what you need to do to register for the webinar:

  1. Purchase either the paperback or kindle version of the book (grab the paperback or kindle versions here).
  2. Email our publisher, Wiley, with proof of purchase. You can email them either a scanned receipt or a screenshot from your computer of the email confirmation if you buy online. These need to be sent to Wiley at before midnight on Sunday 18 March.
  3. We will send you details of where to register for the webinar in the lead-up on 20th March.

Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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  1. Chris, it’s nice to see a timely update. Updates on the case studies is a smart thing, because it reinforces the idea that your concepts still work.

    The additional chapters make sense as well since blogging can pay serious dividends, even if you don’t make a lot of $$$ directly from the activity. I’m not sure that most people realize it, hopefully they will after reading your book!

  2. Hi Chris, I’ve just found your blog today and signed up for your 2 free reports. I’ve had a quick scan through them and they look very helpful, thanks.

    I’ve just been looking at the update of your book and the Kindle link that you’ve posted above shows the price as $23.44, not $9.99 as you stated. It’s actually more expensive than the paperback version which is only $16.49.



    • It looks like the pricing we were given is for the USA only. I have no idea why the prices are varying so wildly!

    • I just bought the kindle version for $13.79.

      My initial thought was to wait until it will be $9.99, but then I said, “heck, I won’t let $3.78 to stop me getting the book. Plus the webinar.”

      Excellent done, Chris!