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Markets Are Conversations? Someone tell Sprint/Nextel …

With more and more companies getting on board the blogging and social media thing you would have thought the point had already tipped for the Cluetrain. Then along comes another dumb company to give us a kick in the reality box. According to Consumerist blogging and comments will get you fired at Sprint/Nextel

Sprint/Nextel employees caught commenting or contributing to online venues, blogs, or consumer report-venues would be researched, identified, and documented via Corporate Security team and fired, announced Sprint senior council Len Kennedy via intracompany email Monday.

Now before the blog and Digg seething pitchfork brandishing masses converge this is one report and might not be so dumb as it seems.

Every company has a right to protect its secrets. It does say in the quote there would be an investigation. I really do hope that it is about stemming leaks and not firing the janitor for posting pictures of their cat to myspace …

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