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Longevity and Authority

Why do some people manage to stick around forever, while other people and brands seem to be here one day and gone the next?

What is it about some people that makes you warm to them, while others give off a dodgy vibe that repels even the most tactile extroverts?

As mentioned earlier, Tony and I have been creating this new podcast called The Mainframe, and so far we have focused on launches. If you listen carefully, though, there are some themes that go way beyond just selling products and services to something deeper.

What I think it comes down to is two fundamental aspects of being a good person

  • Generosity – Not just giving away “stuff” but generosity with your time, your experience, your advice, patience, humour, positivity and support. Actual generosity comes from wanting the best for the people you are serving, not a trick to get what you want down the line. If you are truly generous then you don’t need to put on an act. People can tell.
  • Honesty – Real honesty not the fake it till you make it faux earnestness that some social media gurus advise you to paint over your true character. Again, if you are liar then you had better have a good memory. Honest people don’t have to pretend or remember the stories they told, because they lived them.

We often say that online business is all about answering “What’s in it for me?” but it should always be on behalf of the other person! It should be top of mind what the other person is getting out of their connection to you, the relationship, the transaction, even your content or copy. Why should they care?

When it goes wrong is that short term selfish thinking. When the business wants to make a quick buck. When you short change the customer. When you are unresponsive or unwelcoming.

It also goes wrong when your communication or behaviour is incongruent. Consistency of brand, behaviour, message and interaction is paramount.

Note at any time I have not said long term authority comes from million dollar launches, awards, qualifications, top 10 lists, or venture capital rounds. Real authority comes from positively impacting everyone you meet. That’s hard, and we will never get it perfectly right, but it is worth striving for.

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  1. Thank you for saying that. I agree with you completely. I truly want to make a difference for people with what I do. It is a struggle at times because if I could I would build everyone blogs for free and just be overjoyed doing it. It can be difficult to find a balance and that is why I think it is important to lead from the heart.

    • Yeah it is a challenge. What I did was set aside a certain number of hours/projects (it varied based on workload and existing commitments) to do “free” stuff. Now I put free in quotes because I found some people did not appreciate it when they felt I was being charitable so we might have a service swap or other deal so everyone was happy.

  2. True words Chris, glad to see this covered as I think a lot of folks out there do put on a front which, in the online world, can be easier to hide but eventually it’ll come to light. It’s hard making it to the top without those two core values… and your readers yearn for that, both honesty and of course, generosity!

    • It is weird that people can be more open about who they really are online but as you say a lot of people wear masks instead. Hmmm … there is probably a post in that ….