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Start Creating Killer Content

You know you need great content in order to succeed at blogging, but how do you keep coming up with interesting and useful ideas? How do you keep your blog content compelling over the long haul?

Darren Rowse and I have put together a brand new short online course called Creating Killer Content for your Blog that shows you exactly that.

The course is presented using lots of bite-sized videos in 5 modules (over 5 days or work through at your own pace):

  1. Planning your content – understand what your audience really wants, never run out of topics for your blog and prepare your content so it hits the mark.
  2. Structuring your content – writing your content in a way that works well
  3. Polishing your content – taking good content and making it great
  4. Killer Multimedia Content – I walk you through creating, editing and uploading multimedia content to add an extra boost to your blogging
  5. Live Webinar – Q&A call with myself and Darren at the end of the week where you can ask us anything about blogging, writing and creating content

This course starts Monday 6th December and it costs just $29.95 (or $99 to have it bundled with the other 3 upcoming Pillars of ProBlogger courses).

If you can’t do it all live with us over a week, don’t worry because after you join you will have access for 12 months. Review everything at your own pace whenever you want to.

Who is this Short Course For?

Creating Killer content is for you if …

  • you’re struggling with producing content for your blog
  • you’re trying to find your voice as a blogger
  • you’ve run out of ideas to write about
  • you’re just looking for a little refresher and/or inspiration

Note: we’re assuming participants of this course have a blog. If you don’t yet – check out the free Getting Started Blogging course.

So if you’d like to inject your blog with some killer content – this is a course for you. Sign up here right now.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the inside 🙂

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  1. For me the purpose behind these two points sounds similar:
    # Structuring your content – writing your content in a way that works well
    # Polishing your content – taking good content and making it great

    What’s the difference in their objective? Could you give me a brief explanation on these..other than the text meaning that I can understand?

    • Structure is the foundation of the content. For example I explain how classic storylines are structured to provide maximum drama. Polish is taking something “complete” and giving it something extra to make it even better.

      • Got it! But at first I was confused because these two lines
        #writing your content in a way that works well : Structure
        #taking good content and making it great: Polishing your Content

        sounds absolutely similar. May be you should re-consider them to ‘Polish’ to make them more transparent. 🙂

  2. It is sometimes quite hard to decide on what to write about to create original content. That is why I now keep a file on my desktop so that I can jot down ideas for articles when I think of them or see something in an article blog that I think is missing. This works for me so perhaps it could be a useful idea for others?

  3. Steve…The point of the course is to make dicks like Chris and Darren lots of money by selling “ordinary” information courses to noobs. It works well. These courses a full with information that anyone who has been in this game for longer than a year or so will already know…it’s newbie fodder.

    • Only sitepoint, Darren and I know what is inside right now 🙂

      But that aside, what would be wrong with providing information for beginners?

      Everyone starts somewhere. Some work it out on their own (as Darren and I did) and some like to have a structured course to follow.

      Does putting the course together make us bad or were we bad in your mind before we put the course together? 🙂

    • Not quite sure I understand – are you against creating resources to help people at the beginning of their journey in an area learn? Or does everyone have to just work it out for themselves?

      Looking at my bookshelf here next to me I can see 4-5 ‘Dummies’ resources that have helped me learn the basics of things I didn’t previously know – does that make their publisher and authors ‘dicks’ too?

      Not sure what the issue is ‘Sam’.

      • Yup. I just paid a couple of hundred bucks for something that was literally called a 101 course because I thought I could learn one thing from it that would more than cover the entire price. (And I did)

        I have a dozen beginners guides to everything from photography through to learning French. Obviously those publishers are bad because I could just play with my camera or go live in France for goodness sakes. Tsk.

    • Sam, anonymous commenters are cowards. Period.

    • Count me in with the dicks, Sam.

      I’ve been online since 1994, you can find me on the Wayback from 1996 onward, and you can find my real street address, email address, etc. with very little problem.

      I don’t hide behind anonymity and call people dicks.

      Your attitude reminds me of old-school usenet: nothing nice to say about anyone.

      As it turns out, Chris recommended I not purchase the entire course because I’m “well advanced” (Chris’s words) and don’t need it.

      But you know what, Sam? I’d get a lot out of the course as a review of what I already know… because I would put a lot into it. So I might buy it anyway.

      Everyone here knows who Chris and Darren are. I can be found easily. But who are _you_ Sam? And why should anyone care about your opinion?

      And so what if Darren and Chris are dicks? Like you’re not?

      • Dave, I do the same, I often buy “beginner” stuff, because the game is won or lost in the fundamentals. If I can get a little bit better angle on those fundamentals, a course is well worth my money.

        Like many of you, I get a bit impatient with those who hide behind anonymity. It’s easy to be a jerk when no one can follow you back to call you on it. Classy of Chris to let the post through so he can address it, though.

  4. I’ve been lucky enough to atttend a conference hosted by Darren and Chris. The information they share it top notch, their delivery and attitude impeccable. I think all the other people who attended the conference would agree with that and I’d also like to mention that it was a noob-free zone:)

  5. @Sam,

    Most information is free one way or another – but yet, people still find value in going to university, reading the newspaper, attending classes and workshops, etc. So if the program isn’t for you, no problem, but I don’t think Chris and Darren are “dicks” for helping people who would benefit from a good filter.

    Furthermore, part of the challenge in this (very fun and rewarding) industry is that there is so much information that people don’t know where to start, how to strategize, etc. I think there is a certainly a place for paid resources alongside free information.

    • I have learned a great deal from free information but when I want to seriously learn something I go for a structured package every time, and I make sure I get ROI from it. If I don’t think the quality is there I get a refund. Seems most people are similar?

  6. Well some may see Darren and Chris as money grubbing, etc etc. Why should they not get paid if they bring value?

    I for one learned alot for FREE learning from both of them over the years. Much of thier content they offer up free.

    Now of someone who is wanting a solid jumpstart out the front door I highly reccomend the teaching style of these two, and thier knowledge is worth paying for!

    • Every single time I post an article containing a price I get accused of all kinds of awful things. “Sam” was civil in comparison to some emails I get 🙂

      Some people aren’t ready yet. Some don’t need it. Some people can’t justify paying. Some people would never buy on principle – I get it, and that’s fine. We offer it to the people who are ready and want something and for the others no hard feelings 🙂

  7. I say we should all embrace our inner “dick” and strive to be as awesome as the royal dicks so many of us look up to! *tips hat to Chris & Darren*

    Seriously, I’ve learned a whole heap from you guys – both free and paid – and I don’t regret it, nor do I get the urge to criticize the way you make your living.

    Also – I applaud the fact that you allowed “Sam”‘s comment through. Many bloggers would have edited or deleted the comment altogether, but this has allowed for much discussion on the very nature of providing quality content to those (like me) that are in dire need of such direction.

    See you in the Pillars classes!

    • Thanks 🙂

      I did debate editing the comment, and if the profanity had crossed some kind of vague mental line, I would have. As far as possible though I prefer transparency and discussion. People call me bad names all the time and I have over time learned to not get upset by it as much as I once did.

  8. I just don’t understand why people will do that. I guess they never know who you are, never communicate with you. They swear like they are the only good people in the world. Everyday, everywhere people are selling things/information. There are people just take whatever is ready made and put it in the market. Same as in the supermarket or mall. Many are ready made products and yet still there are people buying them.

    The point is whether the product is good or bad. If anyone has known Chris, he is a great helper, responsive marketer. At least, he is to me and I never met such marketer. Many will just ignore your emails or tend to say that they are busy, they won’t reply you in short time. But Chris replied every single email that I had sent and he is such a genuine guy that I ever known so far. There are good marketers out there. So far, Chris is the one that I appreciate the most!

    Keep it up Chris! 😉

  9. Heh, I’m a former Aussie Rules football umpire – I know how to let the name fall off ones back too 😉

  10. Hi Chris,

    Yep this is an area I see (some) people struggle with as well – especially that stage when the initial enthusiasm has worn off but before we get into our stride.

    For me the formula is that the post takes about five days to ‘cook’ in my head and then about five minutes to get down on paper LOL!

    I probably wouldn’t have commented on this other than the discussion you’re having on the comment above. My take on this is that you’re not taking my credit card out and twisting my arm to buy right? It’s my choice at the end of the day.


  11. I haven’t got a problem with content Chris, I probably do have a problem with focus though. It’s not a big problem yet because I don’t worry about it. 😆

    I write about books I’ve read, films I’ve seen and news items that interest me. I also write regular posts about my hobbies, running, painting, collecting comics. Now I find myself writing quite a lot on blogging and Internet Marketing, as I’ve become more interested in that.

    Whenever I think of a topic and haven’t got time to write it, I make a few notes in the WordPress Draft section, and complete it later.


  12. Hmnn.. comments like “sam’s” disgust me. I’ve been the brunt of personal unfounded attacks, and being called a “dick” for selling quality information people can use, regardless of the market sold to, sounds remarkably similar.

    Sorry ya’ll have to deal with unenlightened BS like that, it sucks on all counts. But handled with grace, so well done boys. 🙂

    I have no doubt the course is excellent for whomever the content is geared for.


  13. I am again, one of those people who have a hard time in thinking about what to write. Sometimes I start writing but I often lose the ideas I’ve thought of. If it were for my personal blog, I can be flexible but for a business blog I usually have mental block.

  14. I have just signed up with the free course “Getting Started Blogging” , and I think it will be informative to me.