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Video is increasingly important for bloggers and only likely to get MORE so, for:

  • Traffic generation
  • Community and relationship building
  • Teaching and demonstration
  • Social sharing
  • Monetization
Since I last wrote about getting started with online video I got a ton of feedback from readers and clients that they wanted more.

Still don’t feel you can do web video?

Admittedly I geeked out and bought a whole lot of equipment for my photography/video stuff but you don’t have to 🙂

Ben has some answers for folks who feel like they need fancy equipment or resources …

Now, in the previous article I showed how you can use a built in feature of YouTube to even record your video, and in most cases your videos will be pretty short, but what happens if you want to have longer videos hosted on YouTube?

Check out this quick tip …

How to increase your youtube video length limit

Feel Inspired? Want to get free help with making your own video?

Hopefully you will now be at least ready to try doing some video blogging.

If so, check out this free resource I have for you!

Ben Eadie (my video coach) and I have put together a whole bunch of resources to help you get started.

Right now there is NO CHARGE.

(I say right now because we will be charging at some point)

Go here and check out the free video blogging tutorials

At the moment we just want your feedback and questions. We want to know what you are struggling with.

Rather than keep trying to guess and make something perfect in isolation, we decided to put something up there and get you to let us know exactly what you want and need 🙂

You can either watch the videos or sign up for a free membership. If you sign up now for a free membership account then you will not be charged when we start selling the full video course, but membership is optional right now if you don’t want to register.

Please go ahead and check it out – Let Ben and I know what you think!

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