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3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List

Why do some people with so-so content seem to easily grow their community, while other much better writers seem to struggle to get a few opt-ins? I believe there are three factors that set a growing list apart from a struggling one, and many people either overlook the necessity or are unaware of it. When […]

Join Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett in Portland Oregon: Thursday 10 July 2014

This post is left for archive purposes, the event was July 2014 Want to join Darren Rowse and me for a day of blogging talk? Or maybe going to World Domination Summit and getting in a day early? I’m thrilled to be able to share that Darren Rowse and Chris Guillebeau have arranged a ProBlogger training […]

New Edition of the Problogger Book Released

Well it’s finally here! The third edition of the Problogger book is now available to order. (You might have already seen the news at Problogger). The first edition came out May 2008, co-authored by Darren Rowse and myself, and published by Wiley Publishing. We released the second edition in 2010 to expand and update the […]

Get Started with Web Video and Video Blogging … For FREE

Video is increasingly important for bloggers and only likely to get MORE so, for: Traffic generation Community and relationship building Teaching and demonstration Social sharing Monetization Since I last wrote about getting started with online video I got a ton of feedback from readers and clients that they wanted more. Check out the previous article […]

Awesome Free Stuff

If you just want the free stuff, scroll down and click the links. It’s all good, all free, you just might want to give them an email address. Still here? OK, here’s some background! A couple of weeks ago I set my Authority Blogger members a challenge to get their free resources up and published […]

Where Can We Meet?

How would you like to meet up with me in person? Is that something you would be interested in? For a while I have been thinking of holding meet-ups, workshops, training, that kind of thing. Nothing too formal. Before I do, though, I need to know if you are interested and where in the world […]

Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you already have enough people reading your blog then you don’t need this. Still here? OK, good. If you are ready to boost your blog traffic, just click here to get the full details. Otherwise I will explain further … Boost Your Blog Traffic, a Five Module Online Course Darren ran a survey with […]

Start Creating Killer Content

You know you need great content in order to succeed at blogging, but how do you keep coming up with interesting and useful ideas? How do you keep your blog content compelling over the long haul? Darren Rowse and I have put together a brand new short online course called Creating Killer Content for your Blog […]

Achieve more, beat procrastination, make more money

I asked my Authority Blogger course members what they would most like to achieve. A whole bunch of great replies came back, so I thought I would ask on Twitter too. Same result. The answer came back loud and clear – most of all you would like to Make more progress against your goals, Have […]

How to Start a Blog the Right Way

Have you noticed I have been a bit quiet lately? There are two reasons. The first, of course, is that I have been moving country. These things tend to constrain your time a little … I can happily say I am typing this from our rental home in Canada 🙂 Today’s post is about the […]