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How to Attract Clients and Fill Your Coaching Practice Using Blogging and Content Marketing

Today I want to give you some ideas for how you can attract clients and fill your coaching practice using blogging and content marketing. If you would like some background on why I believe coaching is a fantastic service to offer in your business, check out the previous article. First Big Mistake Before we get […]

How to Build a Coaching Practice with a Blog

Todd wanted want to know how I have always had a steady flow of coaching clients going back to when I started my business, despite not always having a big list, not always having traffic, and all my shyness/introversion psychological limitations! If you are a coach who struggles with sales and marketing then this article is […]

Build Your Affiliate List and Break into the JV Club

On a coaching call the other day my client asked how to break into the JV (“Joint Venture”) club and I realised it was something I wondered myself years ago. You see there is a real challenge facing anyone who hasn’t got any joint venture partners, affiliates, or is even struggling to get people to […]

Work on Your Branding

One of the things I work on with my mentoring and consulting clients is their “Brand”. Having that outside viewpoint and guidance can help them get to a stronger point than trying to struggle alone. It is difficult to be objective about ourselves. What, though is a strong brand? How do we create one? Do […]

5 Reasons to Love Webinars Explained

Webinars rock, but it seems my “webinars rock” illustration caused more confusion than it educated! To rectify the situation, I have cut up and explained my thinking in this article. 1. Awareness and Ideas The first reason to love webinars is that you get the opportunity to create a sense of event around your ideas, […]

Why Webinars Rock

Check Out Magnetic Webinars … or ask me any questions or let me know your thoughts in the comments …

The Ugly Truth about Product Launches

One of the frustrating myths about internet marketing is that it is easy, takes no work, and can turn the web into your “personal ATM machine dispensing cash on demand”.

There is another myth though that comes up every so often that is related, but subtly different, and so attractive that people really really want to believe it.

We know the rewards are there but you have to put in some effort, and preferably stick to one proven system rather than dodge between each new, shiny, flavor of the month.

Some would have you believe though that all your effort needs to go into creating your offering. Create your product, course, service, or tool and the rest almost happens magically.

  1. Create your product
  2. Product Launch
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

It’s the product launch equivalent of “build it and they will come” …

What is Your Website’s Clear Purpose?

I couldn’t believe how much buzz and positive feedback my ARC System article received, thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted, commented and Skyped me about it.

Today’s thought is related to that article, and the feedback I got from it. It seems a great deal of website owners are facing a similar challenge, and it comes down to the “C” in the ARC sequence.


There are two big issues. Can you guess what they are?

Well, I imagine you can guess one of them easily.

People want to make more sales! Sales means more income, and it also means you are serving more people.

I am glad so many of you are not in the “how dare you make money” camp! :)

Really, when you offer a service or product to your audience you are doing a good thing. You are helping people, you are offering them what they want and need, and they get value from their investment.

Around a dozen people asked me how they can make more sales of their existing stuff or how they can create something that their audience will really want. Of course my default (if slightly flippant answer, heh) was to buy my course and I will show you everything in detail! But there is a short answer too, which I will share with you now.

This also brings us to the second challenge that you guys are facing …

Case Study: Can You Launch a New Site With Twitter Alone?

Just over a week ago I launched a new site, I thought I would tell you how I did it and what the results were so you could learn from my experience. The small twist with this launch was I planned to use only Twitter … As you can see, after I week the site […]

How to Really Use Social Media Marketing as a Tool For Business

Social Media Marketing is a compelling tool for business because of the dual benefits of Huge traffic potential Free (just need to spend time) This is drawing in more and more businesses who want to extract these benefits and learn the best practices. Unfortunately we are also seeing an influx of the less open and […]