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Meet The Masters of Social Media

It is well known that the top Digg/Netscape/Reddit/etc members can make a story. Their stories get front page status more than any others and they wield masses of influence. Want to see who the social media power-users are? has the details A look at some of the hidden influencers deciding what is popular on […]

Want To See First-Class Examples of Flagship Content?

People are starting to provide me with some excellent feedback on my free Killer Flagship Content ebook. One of the requests is for me to provide more examples. Funnily enough I was just reading Aarons (excellent) blog and saw his short video entitled “What is a Self Reinforcing Authority“. As well as examples that illustrate […]

Diggers and the RTFA Problem

I really feel for Danny Sullivan. His brilliant Why The SEO Folks Were Mad At You, Jason article has gone down well with the vast majority of the people who actually read it. Unfortunately there are a lot of people on Digg who don’t RTFA (Read The, Fine .. Article) but mark as spam, […]

Finally, a Smart Digg Button for your Blog

Just what we needed, finally Digg have released New —˜Smart’ Digg Buttons It’s smart enough to detect whether your link is a Digg permalink or a URL and whether or not the content exists on Digg already. If it exists, you’ll get the familiar yellow Digg box with a real-time Digg count to suggest visitors […]

Converting Diggers: How To Maximise Getting Dugg

Reading blogs and forums you would think that getting on Digg is all about short term pops of traffic. Yes the traffic boost is nice but if those visitors arrive and leave like a tide without anyone sticking around then all you have for your efforts is a slow web site for a while. Is […]