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Why prospects believe you are expensive and what to do about it

When people question our prices, dismiss our products and services as expensive, or call us a rip-off, it hurts. “They don’t understand!”, we say. But it is OUR job to help them understand. What can you do?

Authority Websites: Show AND Tell

It’s not enough just to have a website, or even to have an attractive website full of useful content. In order to succeed as the go-to person in your niche, you need to communicate your authority with your website You need to communicate your authority through your design, your layout and your content.

Why New Products Fail

What is the difference between new products that take off in popularity and those that essentially get ignored? How do you know when your new product is ready to sell? Today I would like to share with you the key strategy that will allow you to not only sell more of your products and services […]

Why Even a Big List Won’t Save You from Bad Strategy

A big question I get asked all the time here and on Copyblogger webinars (right after how to generate traffic or build a list), is “How can I get more people to respond/buy/subscribe?” In my previous post, I talked about what makes content truly successful, and I gave a big answer, but for this particular […]

The Secret Element of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Why can Brian send one email from the Copyblogger email list and make 6 figures? Is it list size? Yes, scale obviously comes into it, but  if someone else had Copyblogger’s list they wouldn’t necessarily get the same result. So what is the crucial factor that makes the difference? Is it Authority? Yes, of course that’s […]

The Simple Route to Generating Sales Leads with Your Business Website

One thing all businesses have in common, large or small, is they all have to generate sales leads. If you are not generating sales, well, you are not in business! A lot of my customers come to me because they have had so much referral business over the years they have never really developed a […]

How to Improve Your Website Trust Factor

Is your website harming the trust and credibility of your business? Are people worried or put off when they visit you online? Could your site be working against you rather than working as a business asset? I’m sad to say that this is more common than we would like. It was certainly the case with […]

What to Say When Nobody Cares What You Do

It’s a simple but uncomfortable truth. Nobody cares what you do. Oh, people might ask. At a networking lunch, a cocktail party, and so on. But nobody cares. What do people actually care about? “Enough about me. What do you think about me?” It’s funny because it is true. People want to hear if listening […]

The Real ROI of Engagement

We are bombarded by “feel good” social media advice. Join the conversation. Engage. Listen. But this stuff takes time and effort. Where is the return on investment? It’s not just about chatting, and the ROI is not found by simply throwing up a Facebook page. If you are struggling to convince your boss (or yourself) […]

Finding and Communicating Your Value

Many bloggers don’t have a value problem. They have a great deal to share. I am sure you do – I have never met someone who doesn’t. Why then do people struggle to find an audience. Never mind an audience who knows, likes and trusts them – ANY audience? It’s weird but a lot of […]