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Build Your Affiliate List and Break into the JV Club

On a coaching call the other day my client asked how to break into the JV (“Joint Venture”) club and I realised it was something I wondered myself years ago. You see there is a real challenge facing anyone who hasn’t got any joint venture partners, affiliates, or is even struggling to get people to […]

Authority Interview with Mark McGuinness

Here is a short interview I recorded with Mark McGuinness from Lateral Action. Edit: Due to problems in the feed and for people playing the audio, I have removed the player and you can download instead – Click here to download or play Mark is a poet, coach and consultant who works with creative people […]

Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you already have enough people reading your blog then you don’t need this. Still here? OK, good. If you are ready to boost your blog traffic, just click here to get the full details. Otherwise I will explain further … Boost Your Blog Traffic, a Five Module Online Course Darren ran a survey with […]

Saying No.

One of my clients was telling me how they feel overwhelmed because of all the commitments they feel they have been guilted into making. She knew I had wrestled with this lately and wanted to know my solution. I think she was disappointed to find out my magic bullet was to simply say “No” more. […]

How I Use My Blog as a Fulcrum and You Can Too

Every now and then the “a blog is not a business” meme will come around again. Each time someone will challenge me about it. Look, I agree. A blog is no more a business than a book is a business if you want to be strict about it. But why does it matter? Rather than […]

From Analysis Paralysis to Rapid Product Creator

During an interview with Sonia Simone for their Teaching Sells course members, I realised I had created more products in the last eleven months than I have the previous five years. That’s eight products delivered and two more in the works, either solo or as part of a joint venture. This was while moving my […]

Interview with Jake Nickell of Threadless

Jake Nickell is the founder of Threadless, the super cool t-shirt store/design community. When I reviewed the Threadless book I only touched on what the company is about. So here is more of an insight into the workings of a 10 year old successful internet startup. Q: What do you think has made the biggest […]

Work on Your Branding

One of the things I work on with my mentoring and consulting clients is their “Brand”. Having that outside viewpoint and guidance can help them get to a stronger point than trying to struggle alone. It is difficult to be objective about ourselves. What, though is a strong brand? How do we create one? Do […]

Threadless Review

I have finally managed to start unboxing all our collected shipping container cruft that recently arrived from England and this book from Threadless was right at the top. If you don’t know Threadless then you should have a browse around their site.  It is a real treat just to explore, even if you do not […]

Start Creating Killer Content

You know you need great content in order to succeed at blogging, but how do you keep coming up with interesting and useful ideas? How do you keep your blog content compelling over the long haul? Darren Rowse and I have put together a brand new short online course called Creating Killer Content for your Blog […]