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If It’s Worth Doing It’s Worth Making Extraordinary

A few people took my post on defeating procrastination to be advising producing poor quality under the guise of “just getting something out there”. I would like to correct this if I wasn’t clear in my post. My opinion is if something is worth doing it is not just worth doing well, it is worth […]

Walking the Assumptions Tightrope

Do you find yourself Googling up words, phrases and especially jargon, when reading blog posts? I do. It happened to me about ten minutes ago. One of my current projects requires getting elbow-deep in Drupals innards. Drupal is a fantastic blog/community/content management platform. It has a vibrant community, that is very helpful. Quite often though […]

Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?

John Chow has posted up a list of popular blogging mistakes. Here they are without his commentary, do read his full post but before you do I will add my thoughts after the list: Not Updating Blogging Only For Money Rushing a Post Not Being Personal Being a Copycat Not Replying To Comments Not Giving […]

Better Blog Branding: What’s In a Name?

One critical consideration when launching a blog is what you are going to call it. Why did I choose to use my old domain rather than create a new one? Branding was part of the reason. OK, now I said the ‘B’ word some people will have clenched. Please relax. It is a much […]

Another Good Reason to NOT Have a Blogroll

I don’t like Blogrolls. While they do serve a fine purpose, allowing visitors to see other blogs they might like, and sharing the link-love is always good, I don’t do them. My reason will be clear in a second, first let’s read about the stink happening in the political blog world from The Galloping Beaver […]

Seth Godin Ripped Off

I can’t believe a company of the size and sophistication of Amazon could sell a book, by best-selling author Seth Godin, without his permission AND pass it off as new. Quality control? Check it out on Seth’s Blog I didn’t authorize this book to be published, I have no idea who the publisher is and […]

Write a Review, Get an Exclusive Preview of my Next Ebook

Thanks to everyone sending me feedback on my Killer Content ebook. I had an idea you might find interesting. If you write a review of the ebook on your blog you will get A link back from my blog to your review *Early access to my next ebook Potentially a quote on my forthcoming testimonial […]

Meet The Masters of Social Media

It is well known that the top Digg/Netscape/Reddit/etc members can make a story. Their stories get front page status more than any others and they wield masses of influence. Want to see who the social media power-users are? has the details A look at some of the hidden influencers deciding what is popular on […]

Defeating Procrastination: Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is where you can’t make any forward progress because you bog yourself down in details, tweaking, brainstorming, research and … anything but just getting on with it. Sound familiar? It’s something I struggle with. Partly out of fear of failure, partly because I love the idea-generation phase of projects, mostly because I am […]

Want To See First-Class Examples of Flagship Content?

People are starting to provide me with some excellent feedback on my free Killer Flagship Content ebook. One of the requests is for me to provide more examples. Funnily enough I was just reading Aarons (excellent) blog and saw his short video entitled “What is a Self Reinforcing Authority“. As well as examples that illustrate […]