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When The Old Guard Gets Hit By The Clue Stick

John Battelle has hit YellowPages with the clue stick “You’re asking me to tell my advertisers to invite criticism? You’re asking me to actually create a platform that lets that criticism happen? Are you nuts?” General nodding and murmurs of assent followed. “Er…yes,” I answered. “Yahoo already does. And Google does too (though not as […]

Performancing Sold

Aaron has an Exclusive Podcast with David Krug on the purchase of Performancing. Congratulations to all concerned! Update: David has more details over at New York,NY —” February 14th,2007 —” SplashPress Media, owner of numerous sites including The Blog Herald, one of the oldest sites on the internet covering blogging news and new media, […]

Are You Burning Blog Bridges?

Snark, criticism, attack-bait, poking wasps nests, call it what you want, while it might be an effective “link bait” strategy, it’s not one I would recommend. This is the path to the dark side. First let’s look at why someone might be tempted to use this tactic. It’s quick and easy It works Takes little […]

20,000 Visitors, 500 Subscribers, in 7 Days

It’s now 7 days since I uploaded WordPress two over my domain. Time for a one-week-birthday update. Since launch this blog has: Had over 20,000 visitors (according to FeedBurner, Analog reports many more but I don’t trust log analysers). Most of these visitors arrived because the blog has … Been Dugg twice. Added over […]

The Problem With Metrics in a Web2.0 World

Steve Rubel is asking What Will Replace the Almighty Page View? but I am not quite convinced by his candidate, “Events”. These days most interactive web sites are built using Flash and/or Ajax (a cake mix of Javascript, XML and HTML). Page views are useless here. They only count complete refreshes of a page. Yahoo’s […]

Vista, One Windows Too Many?

Mark is asking When Will You Upgrade to Vista? To answer your question Mark, not any time soon. Microsoft hasn’t exactly completely lost me as a customer but neither have they done anything at all that makes me want to upgrade. I will elaborate but first here is what Mark has to say Is there […]

Jeremy Zawodny Slams Widgets

Jeremy Zawodny has gotten his dislike of JavaScript Badges and Widgets off his chest With all the talk of how the web has “become writable” with advent of blogs and self-publishing tools, you’d think that we’d have a better way of getting third party content on to our sites. Given that an overwhelming number of […]

Online Reputation Management: This Is Not Your Fathers Politics

Reputations can be made or broken online. Presidential candidates you would hope would have only the very best advisors. B.L. Ochman reports one presidential hopeful has had a few problems with his online image lately … A few days ago, typing — a common misspelling of his name — took you to a site […]

When Virtual is Not Close Enough To Reality

Steve Rubel reports that someone has created an Apple Store in Second Life Go download the latest version of Second Life and then teleport to the Apple Store. No, not the real thing but close! Someone has created an unofficial virtual replica of Apple’s famed retail stores This is a perfect example to me why […]

Sports Blog Sells To ESPN

Congratulations to Henry Abbott of True Hoop. His news? Henrys blog is Becoming Part of ESPN. Here are some choice quotes from his announcement I just signed a contract with ESPN. They now own the name TrueHoop, and I am a full-time ESPN employee … To be honest, I wasn’t looking to sell TrueHoop, and […]