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Samples and Review Items, Bribery or PR?

Nick over on his new ClickInfluence blog has a post up about Sending Gifts to Influencers Sending gifts to bloggers, in the hope they’ll write about them may seem a potentially dangerous move. If it backfired it could certainly cause some nasty negative PR, but provided some caution, and a good helping of common sense […]

MyBlogLog A Magnet For Spammers

Over the weekend I received a MyBlogLog phishing email asking me to add someone I have never heard of as a co-author. While I deleted the email right away it seems the idea has worked. The spammer has attached their website to a lot of popular bloggers communities. More from John Chow This morning, while […]

Blog Sales: How To See The Real Value

Buying and selling blogs is a growth area of professional blogging. People have bought and sold websites since the commercial web began but like a lot of things internet, bloggers are coming to this fresh and new. The main difference between the web sales of now and then is before the main assets of a […]

Interesting Digg Monetization Strategy

While “domaining” (usually buying up domains, putting up CPC ads then selling them from what I understand) isn’t a business model I would want to get into, Ahmed at TechSoapBox thinks this is one way Digg traffic can be immediately monetized Domain registered on Feburary 14, 2007 to Kavi Siegel (cvxdes) Website and content put […]

Collection of Pro Bloggers Resources

Philip at ihelpyoublog has put together a Complete Blogging Resource List For The Pro-Blogger I’ve decided to start by creating a massive list of posts, articles and resources all designed to be a go-to reference for the pro-blogger. This will be a work in progress and I’ll be updating the list frequently. His list will […]

Visit, Use, Like, Love

iheartthis by miss_rogue. We all want to be liked. When creating a product, service, blog it is always our goal to create something people accept. This is setting our sites too low. The goal needs to be more than that. Love. Some people have problems with this word in a personal context so I am […]

Seen A Boost In Subscribers? Thank Google

FeedBurner is reporting that after a long process Google Is Now Reporting Subscribers Starting with our Saturday February 17th subscriber reporting, FeedBurner publishers will be able to see how many Google Reader and Google Personalized Homepage subscribers they have. (Thanks, Google!) This information will show up in tonight’s subscriber reports (meaning that most of you […]

Fighting Negativity Without Getting Dragged Down Into The Mud Pit

A reader wrote to me in response to my Burning Blog Bridges post. He was concerned that in his industry there was a big, powerful but sleazy competitor. How can he compete without resorting to critical articles attacking their business practices and violations? While it would be tempting to just give them a good kicking […]

Reviewing The Reviews

Reviews are coming in so I thought I would do a quick round up of the first few. Remember, anyone who writes a review of Killer Flagship Content ebook gets an exclusive early preview of my next one and a link. Well, anyone who writes a review and tells me about it! A One-Stop-Shop For […]

The Truth About Advertising

It’s funny because it’s true … Via: BLOchman