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Sean D’Souza Interview

Something a bit different for this post. The other day I had an opportunity to talk to Sean D’Souza, a cartoonist, marketing guru and expert on sales psychology based in Auckland, New Zealand. We cover a fair amount of ground but some of the highlights include: Why he doesn’t believe in advertising How he is […]

Adsense Profits Are Fragile

A reader asked me about my monetization plan for and was surprised that I didn’t feature Adsense. My answer? Adsense is too fragile for me. Then I read Darrens Speedlinking post Shoemoney posts an email from someone trying to extort money from him as an AdSense publisher by threatening to close down his AdSense […]

SplashPress Splashing More Cash

Congrats to Brian, Chris and David on the Tubetorial deal SplashPress Media, owner of numerous sites including The Blog Herald and Performancing, has announced it is acquiring the core assets of Tubetorial LLC including the Tubetorial website and the Cutline Theme Community. These properties will fit very well with Performancing, I look forward to seeing […]

More Killer Flagship Content Reviews

More reviews are coming in for Killer Flagship Content … Dax Desai The eBook is an excellent read for any blogger. If you wish to take your blog from interesting to must-have bookmark, you need to read this eBook. Mac Dean How can you pack so much information into 14 pages, I have no idea. […]

Good Habits … Do I Even Have Any?

Aaron Potts Tagged me with his “Simply Successful Secrets” meme. *Sigh*. Memes. I love reading them, find it hard to do them. This one could be interesting though. Here are the rules. Compose a new blog post listing the top 5 to 10 things that you do almost every day that help you to be […]

Some Widgets Work – Why I Show My Feed Count

A coaching client asked me yesterday why if I am so against cluttering up blogs with widgets do I show my FeedBurner count and Technorati button on my blog? Before I answer check out this from Wired about an eBay study … After 470 auctions, Resnick found that the Swansons’ main account, with its high […]

Blog Readers Show Loyalty in Ad Age Study reports on a Ad Age study researching blog reader habits. It showed they are loyal, reading the same blogs regularly, and judge them based on quality of writing. A specific topic focus is also valued highly. Most interesting to me was the confirmation of how people find new blogs 67.3% of the respondents follow […] For Sale

Darren Barefoot is thinking of selling according to his post it has the following stats Google PageRank: 6 Incoming Links (according to Google): 1410 Technorati Rank: 98, 860 Visitors in 2006: 16, 314 Current average daily visitors: 65 I did comment over on his blog but my comments rarely appear over there so thought […]


Two tips I always advise when someone asks about starting a blog Read lots of blogs Comment often and well Before even considering setting up a blog I think you should do those things, and when you have started blogging you should do them even more. I imagine most of you already do read blogs. […]

Internet Marketing vs. Blogging

As a strange hybrid of Internet Marketer and Blogger (amongst other things) I noted with interest Darrens worry about Talking to Internet Marketers about Blogging The —˜daunting’ feelings don’t come from being afraid of public speaking (I’ve been doing that for years) but more because to this point I’ve always found internet marketing —˜types’ to […]