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Link For Charity

I just received an email about an interesting little link building idea with a charity twist. The requirements for linking were quite strict so I will just copy and paste the relevant section 🙂 : Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development (a blog about self help and personal growth) is hosting a Donation Contest in […]

ScribeFire Released

I hear from Raj at Performancing there is a New Scribefire for Firefox (previously called Performancing for Firefox). Jed has been replaced by Chris Fincke who comments in the thread that he is a current Netscape developer, which is cool. I’m glad the tool is still going, not out of any sense of loyalty to […]

Business Personality Types: Fear vs Thrill

One way to get more productivity out of yourself and your team is to understand what motivates them and supply more of it. Seth Godin says many companies are full of two types of people I now firmly believe that there are two polar opposites at work: Thrill seekers and Fear avoiders I can see […]

Should You Post or Should You Comment?

Since my post on the benefits of commenting I have been asked this question a few times so I thought it must be something bloggers puzzle over. Here is the question as asked by “Haacked” in the original thread: Sometimes I find I am writing a loooong comment in response. So I abandon the comment […]

My Answers to the Feed Count Meme

Maki at DoshDosh is running a survey about displaying your Feed Count and has tagged me with his meme: I would really love to know the purpose (if any) behind putting up a feed count chicklet. Other secondary issues I want to examine include the following: How long did it take you to reach the […]

Cool SEO Metrics Firefox Plugin

This one goes in the “possibly useful but definitely cool in a geeky way” category. Yeah, a lot of what I like goes in that category, heh. In this case I am talking about a plugin called Search Status which I was just reading about over at dailyblogtips Search status is a very useful extension […]

Killer Flagship Content Ebook Review Roundup

More bloggers have been reviewing my free Killer Flagship Content eBook. Randa Clay I have a lot of respect for Chris and have really benefited from reading his blog. Chris’ writing style is particularly engaging and easy to follow. Raj Dash Chris practices what he preaches, turning his ebook Killer Flagship Content into flagship content […]

Copyblogger Headline Writing Masterclass

If you want to sharpen up your headlines who better to advise you than Brian Clark the Copyblogger himself? Free! It won’t cost you a penny! Check out the first set of before and afters. I know I learned a few tricks and techniques. One thing I would have preferred is if Brian had presented […]

Blogged Out Blog Traffic Experiment

Darren Cronian has let me know about an interesting experiment going on over on his Blogged Out Project where he is going to share his traffic building tips and give 40% of his income to charity. It could be a cool case study to watch.

10 Reasons Commenting is Good For Bloggers

Remember last week I asked you to try commenting more? Please try this. For the next week make an effort to comment on more blogs. Each day post more comments than the last, on more blogs. Comment well, not just “ditto”. Add something of value, your own thoughts. So what was all that about? I […]