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Critique – is a Canadian website all about the banking industry. This is an interesting critique for me having recently moved to Canada and have a whole raft of banking type stuff to set up. As you might see from the screengrab above, the site is about everything banking and aims to monetize mainly with […]

Where Can We Meet?

How would you like to meet up with me in person? Is that something you would be interested in? For a while I have been thinking of holding meet-ups, workshops, training, that kind of thing. Nothing too formal. Before I do, though, I need to know if you are interested and where in the world […]

Blog Critique: Life on the Buy Side

Getting an outside opinion on your blog is always a good idea, but especially at the beginning, and especially when you have a great deal of expertise in comparison to your average target audience member. Why is this? A little thing called “The Beginner’s Mind”. When we start learning a topic there are all these […]

Authority Rules for Making Non-Sleazy Sales

Do you find you give and give, but people do not seem to be buying? Or maybe people do buy, but not in the numbers you would like? I get that, and I hear it a lot. You might have heard me joke that for a while there I was stuck in a loop of […]

Do You Have Silver Bullet Poisoning?

Have you ever listened to a keynote speech and got all pumped and motivated, then found out what the speaker has suggested just didn’t give you the results you hoped for? Or maybe you bought a best-seller and found it page-turning fascinating, but no clearer on what you were meant to do next? Silver Bullet […]

How to Attract Clients and Fill Your Coaching Practice Using Blogging and Content Marketing

Today I want to give you some ideas for how you can attract clients and fill your coaching practice using blogging and content marketing. If you would like some background on why I believe coaching is a fantastic service to offer in your business, check out the previous article. First Big Mistake Before we get […]

How to Build a Coaching Practice with a Blog

Todd wanted want to know how I have always had a steady flow of coaching clients going back to when I started my business, despite not always having a big list, not always having traffic, and all my shyness/introversion psychological limitations! If you are a coach who struggles with sales and marketing then this article is […]

Selling Information Products: The Four Big Myths of Information Product Creation

Creating and selling information products is all the rage right now, with forums filling with conversations about launches and techniques. I can understand the enthusiasm, and I would suggest a lot of the excitement is coming from Jeff Walker’s latest “Product Launch Formula” buzz. Sadly I think a lot of the people who are getting […]

Are You Too Busy to Write? Seven Ways to Blog More Productively

Is finding time to blog something you struggle with? A number of people have asked me how they can find time to blog on top of everything else that I have going on. Writing content is vitally important for your blog. It is your source of direct visitors, plus the meat of what you share […]

Kitchen Tables and Stupid Questions

“The only stupid question is the one you fail to ask”. That has always been my philosophy. Of course at school that philosophy contributed to my regular beatings. Any pupil who took too much of an interest in class was considered fair game for a head-flushing. In adult life though we should be above such […]