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Goals Meme

I am a sucker for memes, one day I will have to say “enough is enough” and just stop responding to them 🙂 But not today, I was tagged with Gotta Get Goals In a new post, write about the top 5 to 10 goals that you “gotta get” so that you can truly say […]

Free Blog Critiques, Limited Time Only

In January over on my personal blog I promised to do some critiques. Then the Performancing stuff happened and I forgot all about it. I need to put that right. My first critique will be notjustcricket because a three month wait is too long! If you would like your blog critiquing drop me a message […]

MORE Problems With FeedBurner

Seems FeedBurner have had some problems with my feed for the last couple of days. Wednesday shows 1,422 subscribers, Thursday that drops to 982, but Friday has 1,089. Digging into the stats it looks like the first drop was because email subscribers were not counted. Friday appears to be Google under reporting by 320 readers. […]

Are You Clark Kent or Superman?

In my last post I said I loved Seth Godins blog but hated that he doesn’t have comments enabled. He responded to my complaint with an email saying he reads and responds to his own email. I’m honoured. That’s great. It’s good to hear, but who would know? The public perception is still, and please […]

Why Being a Success Means People Hate What You Do

I know this blog is not a success just yet. Why? People do not hate it. Wuh? It’s true. People do not dislike it so bad that they just have to tell me about it. There is no “love” feedback either. I just don’t get those sorts of messages. Sure, I get plenty of “You […]

How Not To Get Links

Every day I get emails from people asking I go look at their blog, or swap links. Some work and some do not. This post is about why. Actually let’s take a step back. The first type of request says “please look at my blog” but actually means “please link to me”. I can tell […]

How To Create Pen Portraits and Understand Your Target Audience

Pen portraits are a marketing technique for defining an audience. This is not just useful in marketing but any communication. We are not always writing to our friends and peers. Before writing anything, an article, an advert, an email, you need to know who you are writing for and cater to their specific needs. Pen […]

SquidOffers: First Look Review

SquidOffers is the new advertising system over at Squidoo; . Here is the scoop from The Mighty Godin (long may he reign): So we invented SquidOffers, which I hope will work for us, and which I fully expect will show up in other places soon. The idea is to combine the voting mechanism of Reddit […]

The Three Dimensions of Blogging: The Vital Combination Every Blog Must Have

Why do I answer every single comment made here? A couple of people have asked why I did my Reader Appreciation post. Some have even implied that I have a big enough audience to not need to do this. What is it about comments I am so obsessed about? There are three critical aspects that […]

Pimp Your Blog – WordPress Hacks

Mark Angeletti has written a post on some essential WordPress tweaks, check them out at  WordPress – From Install to Pimped Out This article will share some plugins, some code adjustments and some tweaks that will make your website more user-friendly, easier on your web server, and possibly increase your traffic. I desperately need to […]