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It’s All About the Content … Right?

It’s been said so many times it has lost all meaning. Focus on the content. Content is king. Write! Fine. Why then do some people create crummy but popular content? How is it that brilliant writing is often overlooked? So it can’t be just about the content. Something else is necessary. Do you buy bottled […]

Why Some of the Biggest Successes Make the Biggest Mistakes

I have been going through my emails since arriving back in the UK, only 165 left. One of the messages prompted me to write this short post. The message included the phrase “I guess though he must be right, after all his blog is huge”. I realised reading this I might be partly to blame […]

Future Posting, or About My Latest Blogging Mistake

It seems this vacation was never going to offer a reliable internet connection. After getting to an internet connection I said I would resume blogging, but then reality happened. It seems my Mac just didn’t want to work for more than a minute or two, even over a ethernet connection.  I’m back home with internet […]

Blogging On the Road … Or That Was the Plan!

Best laid plans eh? I figured I had this mobile blogging thing sussed. With my trusty MacBook and PDA combo I am good for network, wifi, bluetooth, 3G/GPRS/UMTS. I didn’t count on rural Manitoba. Lesson learned, when someone tells you there will be internet access double and triple check. I couldn’t even get cell phone […]

Blog Critique: Ray Gun Robot

Todays critique is Garrett Albright’s Ray Gun Robot which has the tagline “Tech with Personality” – a good start! Right away I have a feel for what the blog will be about. Great stuff. I know the name of the blogger The domain and blog name is catchy “Tech” helps define a target audience, the […]

Blog Critique: Not Just Cricket

First victim customer of my blog critiques is Not Just Cricket Initial Impressions Nice template. Tiny font. Does look pretty but people with not great eyesight would appreciate a larger font size? “Not Just Cricket” … sports blog? No “about”? No “Author” … no name listed that I could find … Looking down the categories, […]

About the Blog Critiques Plan

Thanks to all the people who asked for a critique. I got over 30 requests, the offer is closed for the time being – I have more than enough to keep me busy during my two week vacation! Please no more requests until I announce another round. Here is how it is going to work. […]

What Are Trackbacks and How Do I Use Them?

A few people have asked me to explain Trackbacks. I can understand the confusion, it is one of those things people assume you just know about but seem to be important somehow. Trackbacks are ways for one site to notify another about an update. SixApart, the people behind Typepad and MovableType, invented Trackbacks as a […]

Sean D’Souza Is Blogging and The Vital Importance of Consumption

Recall my interview with Sean D’Souza? Since the interview I have been poking him with a pointy blogging stick and he has finally started his blog to stop me nagging at him. He has already posted some great stuff, like this one about getting your customers to actually consume what you deliver them … Why […]

My Twitter Experiment Is Over

I am not perfect and I like to remind folks of that fact on a regular basis. Back in March 2007 when I wrote this, I had given up on Twitter. How wrong I was … in fact, a lot of my news comes from Twitter first today. One thing I was correct about, it […]