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New Free Blog Reviews Site

Are you waiting for me to get around to another blog critique submission announcement? Well if you want a review and can’t wait for me to get around to you a new site called UBlogMe has been set up especially to help bloggers get reviewed right now and for free. While they are still finishing […]

Should Every Company Blog?

I have been asked a question by many business people over the last couple of months. While I am still working on what my answer ought to be I have developed some thoughts. One of the great things about blogging is if you don’t know the answer then your readers will usually fill you in, […]

Stuck For Blog Post Topics?

If you ever get stuck for what to write about there is one place you can look that will provide post ideas that are Useful Original Valuable On-topic I have just been doing some much-needed housekeeping on this blog. Part of this process requires me to go through my comments. Wow, there is some good […]

Critiquer Gets Critiqued

Want to see a critique of this blog? Check out the excellent suggestions made over at Search-This. I have implemented all but the printer friendly and blogroll recommendations. You might find one or two ideas to help you improve your own blog. If anybody else wants to critique this blog, go ahead, I love to […]

My Productivity Secret – The Joy of Flow State

What is your productivity secret? Adam “monkatwork” Kayce has tagged me for the Ultimate Guide to Productivity Group Writing Project. It’s a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, I do get a lot done. People often say to me that they wish they could also do this or that but they don’t have […]

Blog SEO: Get Your Blog out of the Supplemental Index

Little blog SEO tip today, check to see if, like my blog, you have a “supplemental index problem“. Check out my Google search result, as you can see I have about 106 pages in the supplemental index. Change to your own domain to test your own result. So what is this “Supplemental Index”? I […]

Blog Critique: Bliss – Seshu’s Wedding Photojournalism

Yes, blog critique time again! It’s no secret than I am a fan of photography. For a couple of years now I have dabbled with my photography blog, been unhealthily addicted to Flickr and even have a couple of clients in photography and related industry. Portrait photographers are a special breed. While I have photographed […]

How to Target Prospects and Avoid Accidental Audiences

What do most people do when they start a blog? They just start writing. This isn’t the wrong thing to do. Actually there is a lot to be said for just getting on and doing it. So what is the problem? You get whatever audience you attract. Lots of people are happy with any audience […]

Using Stumbleupon and Squidoo Advertising to Promote Blogs

This post is a summary of the advertising experiment I have been trialling. Although all the tools are there and costs aren’t always super high, it is rare to see a blog promoted with advertising. The main reason of course is because the income from many blogs either is not at a level to support […]

Three Interviews

Three interviews with little me, what is the world coming to? 🙂 I have started enjoying being interviewed lately, I think I am starting to be more relaxed and not stumble over my words quite so much. If you want to interview me feel free to ask, if you have interesting questions I will most […]