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Sales Lead Blogs – The Art of Selling with Your Blog

Selling with blogs? It’s not so long ago that I might have gotten myself lynched for merely suggesting such a distasteful thing. Slowly though the blogosphere is coming around to the idea that commerce is not necessarily evil, that in fact businesses need to make money and that they do that by selling stuff. Blogs […]

Profitable Professional Networking With Blogs

Professional networking with blogs is something people do largely unconsciously. How can we use blogs for networking more intentionally? In this series I have been revealing how blogs can boost your business. Most businesses at some point will do the drinks, nibbles, business cards and handshakes thing. You might note I am not super excited […]

Blogging For Fame, Credibility and Authority

This is the third post in my series about blogging for business. In the first instalment I talked about how blogs can help your business profit and in the previous article I showed the ways blogs boost your website traffic. Now I am going to talk about using a blog to generate more fame, credibility […]

How a Blog Can Boost Your Website Traffic

In the first post of this series I showed you how blogs generate indirect profits, publicity and leads for businesses. Let’s take a look at how. A primary motivation for anyone to set up a business website is to gain visibility. They want people to visit. Blogs are well suited to achieving this. How Blogs […]

Indirect Profits, Business and Corporate Blogs

Business and corporate blogs are powerfully effective and make up the “other” half of the professional blogging scene. Rather than showing adsense or banner ads, business and corporate blogs generate traffic, customer loyalty, leads and PR. Business blogs use indirect methods to turn a profit. Even if you don’t consider your blog a business, if […]

Who Is Your Blog For?

Who is your blog for? What purpose does it serve? It’s good to have a goal when starting your blog. Knowing what you want to achieve helps keep you on track. Having an idea of where you are headed serves to guide your decisions. Focus on the prize, indeed, but not to the exclusion of […]

Reader Appreciation – April Edition

Here are my top commenters for the month of April. If you were here in person I would give you all hugs, instead here are some links 😉 Mark Jack Jeff Jen Colbs Ashish Ashwin Marc Raj Chris Baskind

Should You Build a Blog or an EMail Newsletter List?

You have heard them “Build a list”“The profit is in the list”“It’s all about the list”blah blah. Most people who have read up on internet marketing will have come across this idea. But then blogs, or rather RSS, came on the scene and confused the issue. Several people have asked me if they should close […]

10 Simple Steps To Directly Monetizing Blogs

More and more people are getting into blogging because they want to make money. To feed this desire more and more bloggers are writing about making money from blogs. I get asked how to go about monetizing blogs, and also why I don’t write more about the subject. This post will answer both questions. First […]

Please Save Me From a Royal Thrashing – Vote Me!

Brian Clark and I are in a deadly blog battle over at Daily Blog Tips, please come to my aid with your vote clicks!