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Still here? OK, here’s some background!

A couple of weeks ago I set my Authority Blogger members a challenge to get their free resources up and published so that I could share them. Originally the idea was for my birthday but lots of life stuff happened (including what I have been describing only a little melodramatically as a “near-death experience” … more on that in a future post), but I still wanted to get this out there.

This is the result. Lots of free stuff for your education and enjoyment. Check it out 🙂

The Author 2.0 Blueprint: How to write, publish, sell and promote your book online.

FACT: Publishers want authors who have their own ‘platforms’, that is, an audience ready to buy their books.

How do you build this platform? In the Author 2.0 Blueprint I will show you…

  • How the publishing industry has changed and why you need to change too in order to be successful
  • Proof that authors with existing platforms can get publishing deals
  • How authors can now e-publish or use print on demand and sell their own books to their audience
  • The importance of the ‘free line’ : what you need to give away and what you can sell
  • Web 2.0 tools you can use to get started on building your author platform
  • Access to over 45 hours of free audio on writing, publishing and book marketing

The Author 2.0 Blueprint is for:

  • people who want to write a book but are frustrated with the lengthy process of traditional publishing
  • people with a book who want to learn about book marketing and author platform building online

The Building Blocks of Relaxation — For Your Stiff, Old Body!

Olympian Dara Torres spent $100,000 on coaches and trainers to get ready for Beijing in 2008, including two full-time stretchers and a masseuse. At age 41, rest, recovery, and relaxation were key for her to remain competitive. It sure sounds nice to have a whole team of professionals rub you down and loosen you up at the end of your work day, doesn’t it? Well, the rest of us aging, non-Olympians have to stay competitive in work and life, too. We need a way to keep our energy up, and feel loose and relaxed, especially on long, stressful work days. What if you had a way to:

  • Loosen up all your joints from head to toe in 10 minutes
  • Feel like your insides just got a message with special breathing techniques
  • Unlock hidden tension patterns that are holding back easy movement (this one is only for people who are a little more adventurous about exploring movement because it deals with the link between reflexive eye movements and posture – sounds weird, right?)

I consider all these practices the “building blocks of relaxation”. How you move influences how you relax more than most people realize, but I’ve been showing people how to pull this off at one of the largest health-oriented Tai Chi schools in the US since 2005. Now you can get access to some of these building blocks through one of three free and easy-to-follow home study courses, that will help you keep that post-massage feeling throughout your day, without spending $100k.

Satisfaction in Life Comes from Authenticity


Exercises that you guide you to finding the flow of your life – so you can know where you want to go, how to get there, and how to correct when you get off course.

This is for you if:

  • you have learned much from others but it hasn’t quite clicked for
  • you want to walk on their own path not someone else’s
  • you want a guide to a satisfying life (sorry, I can’t guarantee endless bliss – life isn’t like that)
  • you want a template to compare their experience to
  • you want some ways to correct when you get off course

Learn to buy and sell real estate like a pro!

This is for anyone looking to buy or sell residential real estate (in particular in Raleigh, NC)

Your Website Is Ugly – 10 things your friends won’t tell you but your web designer wants you to know


  • Do you wish your website was getting you more customers?
  • Is it hard for your visitors to find what they are looking for?
  • Is your bounce rate too high?
  • Is your conversion rate too low?

The problem may be with your website design.

I’ve put together a book with easy fixes to the 10 most common website mistakes I see people make.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Where to put your most important information
  • How to make your message easy on the eyes
  • What common mistakes make you look like an amateur
  • How to guide people to do business with you
  • How to fix an ugly website
  • … And more

And the best part? The eBook is FREE and so are most of the fixes! I’m letting you in on 10 of the easiest, cheapest ways to make your website better.

Who this is for:

  • Anyone whose website isn’t performing as well as they’d like
  • Anyone thinking about a website design
  • Anyone in the planning stage of a website design

The Art of YouTube Marketing 20-part Course

Proven marketing strategies you can use immediately to begin laying the foundation for massive visibility, name recognition, and market reach – Ultimately More Clients!

You’ll Learn…

  • 7 simple ingredients to set you up for an immediate marketing boost on YouTube
  • How to take one small action and create grateful potential leads and grow your reputation
  • The single easiest, most innocent way to leverage other people’s subscribers to get more visibility
  • 3 methods of offline promotion to boost your marketing efforts you won’t want to neglect
  • …. And much more!

Motivating YOUR Fitness – Ensure Success!”

This is for YOU!

  • … if you are looking for change and want to get started with a fitter lifestyle but don’t know how to start or how to stay interested!
  • … if you need a bit of a push in the right direction, maybe you were doing really well but the motivation has just trailed off and you need to find it again!
  • … if you are enjoying your fitness but you want to go that bit further and reach new heights and aim for greater things!

From being a ‘skinny fat’ unfit party girl to now being super fit and super happy – I KNOW how awesome fitness is and I know how hard it can be to stay motivated. And I want to share this with the world!

Thats why I have spent literally months researching what works and WHY it works and now that I ‘get it’ I am giving the knowledge away – to you

Fit fab things you will learn –

  • The steps you need to take BEFORE you decide which exercise program to start.
  • Why you have to have goals and how to make them so that they will lead you to SUCCESS.
  • The KEY to keeping your motivation for the long term.
  • The BEST WAY to ensure your continued dedication.
  • Great ideas for you that willl not only make you fitter but also make you happier!

Each section has ideas and action for you to take – getting you closer to those fitness goals – faster.

This isn’t just another eBook, this is the stert of your new fit and fabulous lifestyle and I am with you all the way!

7 Steps to Better Posture: look slimmer and relieve tense shoulders

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, researcher, writer, or tech-wiz computer geek with achey shoulders, a sore neck and a sticky-out tummy, improving your posture can help you look good and feel great.

  • You probably already know this.
  • But you don’t know how to get it.

If you’re not sure what posture you should be aiming for, or you want to learn the basics quickly, and you want to make a lasting improvement to your posture, then 7 Steps to Better Posture is a cool, short, free guide just for you. Enjoy!

Learn Pay Per Click in Five Days” – FREE Emergency Marketing Mini-Course


Who Is This For?

  • For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who manage their own Online Marketing.
  • People who think Pay Per Click Advertising and Implementation is too complicated.

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the best ways to drive immediate traffic to your site.

  • Find Out How To Avoid Costly PPC Mistakes
  • Save Time and Money By Using Our Proven PPC Techniques
  • Generate Targeted Traffic That Converts Into Your Desired Results

Money In Your Jeans: Teach Your Kids Money Management Skills

This free report was written to help parents teach their kids the basics of money management. Schools and financial institutions have failed badly at helping our kids to become financial literate.

My experience as a teacher and as a financial adviser allows me to give parents the tools to teach their kids the basics of money management.
In this report parents will learn how to teach their kids:

  • that money does not grow on trees
  • how to plan for the future
  • how to budget
  • how to be knowledgeable consumers

The Momentum Menu — a delicious new take on your to-do list

If you’re like most bloggers and online marketers, your to-do list gathers two new items for every one that you complete. There’s always more that could be done.

But you can’t review all of it every day without feeling overwhelmed. So how do you choose and effectively stay focused on what you need to do now?

As a recovering perfectionist who easily overwhelms herself (I blog about this at Practice Makes Imperfect), I’ve learned that one of the best ways is to use a tool to temporarily narrow your vision.

So I created one for myself. And I’d like to share it with you.

The Momentum Menu is a very flexible 1-page PDF you can use to:

  • Take control of your time
  • Cut down on the overwhelm that leads to paralysis
  • Stay focused on the task at hand
  • Learn how to realistically gauge your time and capacity
  • Make progress in different areas of your life at once without feeling scattered

With a little daily or weekly pre-thought, you’ll have an action plan that’s ready to go whenever you are, so that you can hit the ground running without distraction.

Plus, a literal menu of options is much more fun than a traditional to-do list.

JumpStart Your Social Media Program

Are you disappointed with your social media efforts?

I talk with small business people every day, and the most common question I hear is: How do I get better social media results?

This is especially true for businesses just starting out on social media. You post things with enthusiasm and wait for responses to pour in. But they don’t arrive, or they are slow to arrive.

You are not alone! This is a very common experience. And yet, no one is really talking about the solution. Until now!

I’ve pulled together everything I’ve learned about social media and online community building to create this course. You get the benefit of my experience, plus the experience of the people I’ve helped along the way.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Skills you need to start getting better social media results today.
  • How to create social media goals that you can achieve.
  • Ways that your business culture (personality) impacts your social media results.
  • Why some people who like what you post will never tell you.
  • Ways to create a safe conversation zone appropriate for your business and community.
  • Which conversation topics immediately connect you to your community.
  • A strategy for organizing your social media information in one place.

You get 7 lessons packed with tips, insights, examples, and activities that put your social media program on track. That’s one email every other day for two weeks. You can complete the course at your own pace.

By the end of this course, you can identify the blockages that keep your business from getting great social media results, and create the solution to fix them. These skills will show you how to jump start your social media program today, and will help you keep things running smoothly in the future.

Your Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing Books and Ebooks

Marketing your book is a process, not an event, and getting your book published is only the first step. Cathy Stucker wants to help you succeed. In every issue of her Selling Books newsletter, you will get tips, advice, resources and more to help you:

Publish your book without losing your shirt (or your soul).

  • Create a group of raving fans.
  • Discover creative ways to sell more books, online and offline.
  • Go beyond the book and make money from your book in new ways.

When you sign up for the free newsletter, you get instant access to Cathy’s audio program, Build an Effective Author Platform. As a Selling Books subscriber you will also receive invitations to content-rich webinars and teleseminars that are free and available only to subscribers.

Whether you are already published or just thinking about writing a book, Cathy will help you take your next step toward being a successful author—or a more successful author.

Rational Self Counseling

Most people are less satisfied and effective in their lives because of ineffective thinking patterns they are probably aware of. Rational Self Counseling (RSC) is a well structured and tested method that you can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of your life. My site includes a free easy to understand course in the fundamentals of RSC that tells you everything you need to know to start improving your thinking today!

10 Easy Steps to ‘Mission Accomplished!’


ebook Using this report to navigate yourself through the stormy online-project-completion seas will see you:

  • Finish your next big online project without fail,
  • Build yourself a valuable asset that drives you more subscribers, more money, or both,
  • Achieve your online business goals, and
  • Live with the spare time and financial freedom needed to achieve your other life goals.

Think about what this will mean to you.

Will you be able to quit a job you hate? Will you be able to spend more time with your kids? Maybe you will finally be making enough money for your wife to stop working? Or to move out of the inner city?

You can experience these benefits if you get your projects from idea to finished product consistently. And 10 Easy Steps to ‘Mission Accomplished!’ helps you do just that.


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