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Archives for May 2012

How to Make Your Site the Destination for Your Market

Why do you blog? Is it for traffic and attention? If you blog to get more visibility, then you have a lot of company. One of the major reasons companies and individuals create content is to increase their share of attention, to build credibility, and to grow an audience. HubSpot research indicates companies that blog generate 55% […]

How to Improve Your Website Trust Factor

Is your website harming the trust and credibility of your business? Are people worried or put off when they visit you online? Could your site be working against you rather than working as a business asset? I’m sad to say that this is more common than we would like. It was certainly the case with […]

What to Say When Nobody Cares What You Do

It’s a simple but uncomfortable truth. Nobody cares what you do. Oh, people might ask. At a networking lunch, a cocktail party, and so on. But nobody cares. What do people actually care about? “Enough about me. What do you think about me?” It’s funny because it is true. People want to hear if listening […]