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Archives for December 2010

How I Use My Blog as a Fulcrum and You Can Too

Every now and then the “a blog is not a business” meme will come around again. Each time someone will challenge me about it. Look, I agree. A blog is no more a business than a book is a business if you want to be strict about it. But why does it matter? Rather than […]

From Analysis Paralysis to Rapid Product Creator

During an interview with Sonia Simone for their Teaching Sells course members, I realised I had created more products in the last eleven months than I have the previous five years. That’s eight products delivered and two more in the works, either solo or as part of a joint venture. This was while moving my […]

Interview with Jake Nickell of Threadless

Jake Nickell is the founder of Threadless, the super cool t-shirt store/design community. When I reviewed the Threadless book I only touched on what the company is about. So here is more of an insight into the workings of a 10 year old successful internet startup. Q: What do you think has made the biggest […]