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Archives for September 2010

Is it Time for a Work Detox?

Have you noticed how most of your day goes to stuff that is not related to what is really important? I am not even talking about the obvious things like dealing with spam, hanging out in Twitter, and people hanging on the telephone too long. There are lots of things that demand our time and […]

Wishlist Member Live

I wanted to tell you about an exciting new event I am a part of and make sure you had all the info before the early-bird deadline, October 1st. The event is Wishlist Member Live. It has been put together by the folks behind the fantastic “Wishlist Member” WordPress membership plugin that I use to […]

Bloggers Mean Business

Here we go again. Another week, another “revolution”, another “rebel” stirrs things up. To paraphrase a line from a movie … “He’s not a rebel, he is a very naughty boy.” Ideas should be free, says the latest link-bait, attack-post, call-to-arms, etc. Whatever. It seems even in 2010 there are still people out there who […]

Is This Why Your Sales Suck?

Are you wondering how you can get more people to visit your site or buy what you are selling? People often ask me why some people can get a lot of traffic or business while others struggle along with what seems like the scraps from the table. Why can “over night success” stories break through […]

Build Your Platform and Leap

The chap in the photograph is called “Chambers”, despite the freezing cold water and the 15c temperature of the dock he enjoyed repeatedly diving and the adulation it bought him. I think there are a lot of folks just like the Chambers dude. We can say he did some things very well. He was getting […]

Escape Your Blog to Grow it

I don’t remember exactly when I first shared my “flagship content” concept at but it came from looking at how we were going to achieve growth. We were hovering around the top 20 blogs on the internet, as ranked by Technorati. Each successful website reaches the same stage, but each gets there in its […]

Guest Posting Mini-Course Price Increases Soon!

Guest Posting Workbook mini-course registrations are about to hit 2,000 and when it does I am going to increase the price. UPDATE: The member count just broke the 2,000 mark! The price is now $17 I have big plans for this product and therefore there will be another price rise after this one, so if […]

Eat Your Own Dogfood

One of the disgusting but useful phrases in the programming and developer community is “Eat your own dogfood”. I am sure there are people out there who really do have to eat their own dogfood in a literal sense, but the meaning behind the phrase in our context is that you have to experience your […]

Feel the Fear and Launch Anyway

I just got off a call with my NLP coach. We swap services, so I give him advice about internet stuff, and he helps me with my (many) “issues”. One of the things he is helping me work through is my fear of moving my family thousands of miles away to live in Calgary, Canada. […]