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Archives for March 2009

Social Media Marketing Survey Results – Free PDF

Social Media Marketing on your to-do list? If so, you will want to read this report! If you think there is no ROI to Social Media, or that it is just for kids, check these snippets out: 78.1% were aged 30-59, median age? 40-49 Around half of marketers found social media generated qualified leads A […]

Want to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Audience?

Do you want to grow your blog traffic and audience? If so I have a deal for you … You might have seen I have been planning a webinar in aid of my favorite charity. Details here and more here. In a nutshell, the idea was to put on a webinar stuffed with valuable information, […]

The Art of Getting Things Wrong

I love to get feedback in everything I do and I do get a lot of feedback. People tell me when my spelling is off, my grammar is wrong, if my pictures are bad, when my layout breaks in their browser, or if for some bizarre reason they disagree with me!

Sometimes people are even kind enough to be polite and offer suggestions for how to fix things, rather than just tell me all the bad things I am and where I can shove my blog.

Fear of feedback is just one of many reasons why we can all aim for perfection to the point where we don’t get anything meaningful done. In fact the majority of people are kind and open to ideas, and are willing to overlook issues with presentation if the content resonates with them.

With this in mind I present to you my first video about how imperfection should not hold you back and in fact can be a good thing.

Well, I say first, in fact it was the culmination of much swearing and throwing things, hence the worried look on my dogs face.

As always, feedback in the comments is very welcome :)

Which of These Topics Would You Attend a Webinar On?

If you recall I had an idea to do a webinar in aid of one of my favorite charities. To gauge interest I did a survey asking what you would want the survey to be about. Here are all the results.

Any interest?

Any interest?

First up I asked if it was worth organizing. It seems most people are interested, depending on the topic.

With that in mind there were tons of topics suggested, below I have listed the most popular. Please vote for the topic you would most like to attend. If you are reading this in your feed reader or email you will need to click through to vote.

Which of These Topics Would You Attend a Webinar On?

[Please Choose a Charity Webinar Topic – click through to vote]

I have to thank Rob Anderson from Accuconference who has been a great help in allowing me to use their service for this, and Cindy King and Denise Wakeman who have offered tips on how to organize it.

About the Charity

What is all this about? Well, I am trying to raise £10,000 for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

While I have been resisting saying too much about why I chose this particular charity, I have been told it is unfair of me to ask for money without giving at least a little background, so here it is.

You might or might not have noticed I went quiet for a while here and on Twitter. That is because my daughter went in to hospital for heart surgery. She had been on a waiting list since early last year and when the call came we had to drop everything. While we were there we experienced first hand what this charity does for patients and families.

My daughters operation looks to have been a great success, and for that we are grateful. That said there are many more kids going through this right now or will be coming through in the future.

While the doctors and nurses are brilliant and fully funded (it doesn’t matter if you have private health, it is the same team, same facilities), anything beyond the absolute basics comes from donations. As you can imagine it is a traumatic time for all concerned so anything that can be done to ease things is well worth supporting, and many families need ongoing support.

So there you have it, a bit of background. Of course I am going to try to help them in other ways, but this webinar idea seems to be a way to help the charity by getting some international donations and also pass on some good, valuable blogging and social media material at the same time :)

Over to You

Please take a moment to select the topic you would most like to attend or have a recording of – please click through and vote now