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Archives for February 2009

How a Blog Can Grow Your Business – Slides + PDF

Business Blogging is fast becoming a vital part of any online strategy. The old days of “blogging puritanism” where bloggers were not supposed to make money have given way to individuals, companies and non-profits all hoping to use blogs and social media to grow and engage their audience.

I just got back from Social Media Congres in the Netherlands where I presented on this subject, and I think the subject is so valuable it needed to be shared with you, your friends and colleagues. So hit up the slides on slideshare or download as a PDF.

Business Blogging Slides at Slideshare

Business Blogging Slides at Slideshare

Of course, as always, if you have questions or thoughts feel free to share in the comments.

Please help me with a charity webinar idea?

I have set myself a goal of raising £10,000 for a children’s heart surgery charity. So far through asking on Twitter there has been raised around £700, so clearly I need to put in some extra effort if I am going to achieve this goal :)

Through discussions with friends on the Authority Blogger Forum and Twitter we had the idea to hold a webinar or teleseminar, with a small ticket price of, say £1/$1.50 or so, and all the proceeds going to the charity.

After sounding out a few folks on Twitter to see if there would be any interest, I contacted Rob Anderson from Accuconference who generously gave me the go ahead.

So now it is over to you.

Would you be interested, and if so, what would you most want me to do a webinar about?

Please fill in these couple of survey questions and let me know!