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Archives for January 2009

Are You Ready for Social Media?

The online marketing world moves in waves, with the majority of businesses following a trend not because it is fashionable but out of commercial necessity.

  • Going online, just to be online.
  • SEO was king for many years.
  • Then it was Adwords.
  • Blogging came next.
  • Now it is Social Media that is gaining all the attention.

In the past competitiveness and innovation played the largest part, but I have no doubt worries about the global economy are driving the most recent moves.

Although Social Media has been growing steadily for a few years, it seems now most businesses are looking towards these tools and services to find a good ROI alternative to their offline marketing, without the heavy prices that Adwords require in many niches.

Is Social Media the solution that you are looking for?

Why Social Media?

There are many advantages to social media over and above just “Traffic”:

  • Modern version of traditional PR.
  • Speed up your reaction times.
  • Super-efficient word of mouth marketing.
  • World wide focus group.
  • Instant answers to business or technical questions.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Be on top of market news and moves.
  • Grow your network.

There are also valuable indirect benefits. Attention creates the opportunity for links and traffic, which drives search rankings, which in turn will attract people who want what you offer. Buzz does not need to be the end you strive for, but can also be a means to an end.

But there are also pitfalls:

  • Social Media can spread bad news too.
  • Pitch and promote approach will meet with resistance. Traffic to direct offers seldom convert well, you need to find a new way to bring attention to your products and services.
  • The chit-chat aspect can be addictive. Use Twitter best practices.
  • This stuff takes time and experimentation.

What to Do?

We are still at the beginning with these tools, there are no rules. The best social media strategies for each type of organization or individual are still being developed. There are though guidelines that you can use to make sure you get the most out of all this social media stuff:

  1. Have a purpose, direct your efforts. Unguided meandering will just cause you to get bogged down.
  2. Give before expecting anything in return. The most generous, genuine and valuable are those who’s ideas spread best.
  3. Monitor your reputation. Use tools like TweetDeck, Google Alerts and Twitter Searches to see who is talking about your brand keywords and why. Respond appropriately.
  4. Measure your ROI and do more of what works.
  5. Experiment. Keep learning from case studies and good examples.

As always, I recommend you link all your social media activity back to your blog or website. Bring people back home, and give them good reasons to stick around. Build up your own base of loyal and egaged advocates.

Whatever you do, do not abandon what has been working for you and is still providing returns. Find ways to integrate the new stuff rather than throw out good tactics just because the new stuff is, well, new.

  • Create valuable content and optimize for search engines.
  • Engage your subscribers and customers.
  • Grow your links and referrals.
  • Build your lists.


Mike Stelzner is running a Social Media Survey and I am really looking forward to the results. If you take part you can get the results too. Take the survey here.

WordPress SEO Secrets Review

WordPress SEO Secrets from Michael Martine is launching today, and I am sure it will make a big splash. I have contributed a bonus and a testimonial. I guess you could say I am supporting the product!

Frankly, when Michael told me he was developing a blog SEO product I was worried.

You see, most of what I read about blogging and SEO is just plain wrong. I get sent a lot of products to review, and it seems to be the ones that focus on SEO that contain the most misleading information. The risk with SEO information is if it is wrong you can cause more damage than good. When Google is happy with you then you get a ton of profitable, targeted traffic, but upset the mighty Google and you can have a world of hurt that is a pain to clear up. Michael is a friend, how could I tell him if it was bad, or worse, damaging?

Thankfully, Michael has put in a lot of hard work to make sure that his facts are accurate, easy to follow, and most importantly, based on his and his clients real world experience of gaining search rankings.

Yes, blogs are said to be decently optimized out of the box, especially WordPress, and especially when you use DIYThemes Thesis Theme but that is only the beginning. You can gain so much more traffic very easily when you know how. Anyone who is a member of my Authority Blogger Course or has been through my coaching or consulting already knows the difference search optimization can make to a blog. Better search rankings are there for the taking, and any one of Michael’s tips could give you the boost you are looking for.

Now, inevitably you might be thinking that you can get this information for free from websites and forums. That might be true, if you have the time, and can filter out the good advice from the bad, and find immediately implementable tips rather than abstract theories and untested ideas. WordPress SEO Secrets puts everything you need to know in one package, with a guide book and walk-through videos not just telling but showing you exactly what you need.

Think: How much more traffic and profits will you make when you rank higher in the search engines? Much more than this product costs I bet, and hey, there is a full money back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it.

If you are blogging on WordPress and want a boost in search traffic then I recommend you grab WordPress SEO Secrets today, before the price goes up