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Archives for October 2008

Another Reason to Buy Thesis Theme

Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYThemes has another compelling feature coming that I just love.

One of the key selling points of the theme is that it is so well built, and so flexible, that it’s the only theme you need.

How flexible? Did you know Copyblogger is now using Thesis? Can’t see the difference, but now Brian has all the advantages of Thesis architecture but the look and feel we know and love. Cool, eh? :)

Confusingly though, as mentioned in my last thesis theme post, they were talking about releasing a “magazine style” theme called Cosmo. Well, confusion over, those features are being rolled into thesis – existing and future customers get magazine functionality for no extra cost!

The DIYThemes guys explain …

I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for Cosmo to be released, and on that note, you’ll be happy to know that the next major Thesis update is going to contain home page layout and display controls. Effectively, this is going to be the first release of Cosmo, but we’re not going to change Thesis’ name to reflect that fact.

All Thesis users are going to have access to this functionality at no additional cost, so if you were worried about having to pay more for “Cosmo,” worry no more.

If you were on the fence thinking do you need Thesis or a magazine style theme, now you know when you buy thesis theme you will get both! :)

Thesis WordPress Theme

Free Ebook Update

ebooks to download

This is just a quick note to say you were right and I was wrong.

I was wrong when I said I would only leave my Authority Alliances ebook up to download for a short time, you were right to tell me I was being foolish! :)

So now when you subscribe you will be given the download links for two free ebooks

  • Killer Flagship ContentCreating Killer Flagship Content” is about how you can write stand out, valuable material that gets you noticed, builds positive word of mouth, and grows your audience.
  • Authority AlliancesAuthority Alliances” is a guide to arranging enjoyable and profitable joint ventures, how we all need the help of other people, and everyone has something to offer.

Tell your friends to sign up here

If you are already a subscriber and you haven’t downloaded either ebook, you should be able to find the ebook download link either in the footer of your feed or the first email you received from me. If not, just let me know and I will send it to you.


Good and Bad Guys in the Affiliate World

Affiliate Marketing TipsBloggers are for the most part very protective of their reputations. When topics like affiliate marketing come up in conversation, some people get nervous. I have been challenged a few times by folks who were worried about my recent appearance at A4UExpo – had I been lost to the “dark side”?

Controversially, I don’t think the affiliate world is necessarily a hive of “scum and villainy”. The problem is not so much with affiliate marketing as a whole, but with some of the people involved in it.

It’s not just the spammers either, although they are probably the most visible culprits, some of the common practices while not illegal, are still down right shady. It’s inevitable that when there are large profits to be made some people will put morals to one side.

At the other end of the spectrum are authentic and ethical folks who are trying to make a living in a fair and honest way, without resorting to nasty tricks of any kind.

How do you know the good from the bad? Easy! How much value is being added? Are you delivering on your promises? Do these sites deserve a commission, and if so, how much?

A lot of emphasis is being put on being the last cookie to drop, even if there is no fair reason why the user should be assigned as your customer.

Take a look at the typical voucher code site. As the linked article points out, people are finding these coupon and voucher sites looking for a bargain, but they leave with the affiliates cookie and no voucher code. Not good.

Some of the instances could be down to bad maintenance. If that’s the case then an easy solution is to fully automate the coupon system with a free service like Promotions – it’s as easy as copy and paste, just like adsense. I am sure though the dodgy geezers will not want to use a fully automated system like this as it will take away their “bait and switch” technique. Honest folks should look it up though.

How to Make Ethical Profits in Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of honest money to be made in affiliate marketing. You just need to drive buying traffic and add value.

Adding value could be

  • News – I would say the higher value is when you don’t just copy and paste press releases, but even so, being first for that reader is a benefit
  • Price Comparisons – We all like to get the best prices, especially when money saved in one area can be put towards another.
  • Reviews – Honest reviews rather than promotional puff pieces are very valuable. This is one reason I do a lot of shopping at Amazon.
  • Tutorials on using a product – Some of my best affiliate sales have been where I wrote tutorials than involved using products in a certain way, be they craft materials or certain software to achieve an objective.

For example, a gadget site announces the release of a new gizmo, you find out about it through their site, so they deserve a commission because they brought the news to you. I use price comparison sites for flights or car rentals so I can save money, it’s a useful service without making the merchant lose out so they deserve a commission.

When I recommend a product like the Thesis theme for WordPress it is because I can stand by that product 100%. I would recommend it even if I didn’t make a commission, but I don’t feel any guilt in recommending it with a commission. You don’t pay any extra, and Chris and Brian still make a decent profit I am sure!

Pick a product you believe in, join the affiliate scheme, and give it a try.

Bottom Line

More now than ever you need to look at all ways that you can make income, without drifting into sleaze. This is not an economic environment to be snobby about one type of monetization over another!

While you can honestly say that you are honestly adding value I would say you definitely should feel happy and proud to say you are an honest affiliate marketer.

What do you think? Still wary or do you think you would give affiliate marketing a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments …

Download Your Free Twitter Guide

Twitter Guide

John Haydon’s Free Twitter Guide

John Haydon of has released a free guide to Twitter that is well worth downloading. All you need to do is subscribe to his email list. Don’t worry about the references to non-profits if that doesn’t apply to you, the advice works for any Twitter user.

I’m not promoting this just because John is enrolled on my Authority Blogger course, the guide is top notch! :)

  • Choosing a user-name and photo that will engage other Twitter users
  • How to create a stand-out Twitter Profile
  • How to find Twitter users
  • How to turn followers into raving fans
  • How to make sure that folks visit your website and stay interested

Click here to sign up and grab your copy

Overcoming Your Own Constraints

Break Constraints

In a previous post I wrote about constraints and I promised in the comment area I would return to the concept. When looking to write about it I realized there were both internal and external constraints in business that I would need to address.

In this article I will talk about the constraints that begin with us, often the biggest constraints of all.

The Buck Stops With You

It’s easy to blame external factors when we are our own biggest enemy most of the time. We need to fix ourselves before trying to improve our systems.

If you don’t fix your own constraints first then you will find a way to sabotage your system, guaranteed.

I have seen this over and over, in big companies and single operator businesses.

Basic Personal Constraints

What do you need to be personally productive and successful?

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. Knowledge
  3. Skills
  4. Ideas
  5. A plan
  6. Action
  7. Project/Time management
  8. Measurement against goals
  9. Optimization
  10. Motivation

Most of these things are obvious, you can learn and incorporate behaviors, and sources of information on the topics and coaches are easily obtainable.

Your Recipe for Success

I actually think success can be summed up in part by the great philosopher Wayne Gretzky:

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

Know where your market/niche is going. Have a clear vision, then execute well. Everything else contributes or feeds into that success recipe.

Problem is, even people who hold all the ingredients find ways to sour their plans like dropping rotting cabbage of constraint into your success tiramisu.

Missing Something?

Check over the list again. Is it complete? Probably not, but a couple of items were excluded intentionally.

Did I miss off “money”? No, because you will find that if you have the above 10 items ticked off then there is usually someone with a higher net worth willing to fund you for a percentage. Of course a source of funding makes things easier, and it is much harder to start with zero, but I would still not put “net worth” as an internal constraint.

What about luck? There is not much point mentioning luck. Regardless of your beliefs, you are better off analyzing things you can practically influence.

29 Personal Constraint Demons

I’m not a life coach and I don’t play one on TV. I have worked with and observed a lot of business folks over the years though and I am a people-watcher. See if any of these personal constraints resonate with you:

  1. Analysis Paralysis – One I suffer with a great deal so I put it first just so you know we all have constraints to clear. I over-think. A lot.
  2. Waiting for the right time – It will never be the perfect time, just do something!
  3. Fear of commitment – It’s not just relationships people fear to commit to, it could be a deadline or even your own goals.
  4. (In)Decision Anxiety – Decisions make people afraid, and then having made the decision there are another set of emotional waves to contend with. Take small decisions, get practice and work up to the bigger ones.
  5. Low confidence – This can result in not breaking out of comfort zone, keeping you locked into your current situation, not risking opportunities or failing to open up to new people. You will find the more you do the more confidence you will have. Confidence is like a muscle, it grows stronger with exercise.
  6. Perfectionism – Nobody is perfect, but many people try to be. Be prepared to get things as good as you can get within the time and resources you are allowed.
  7. Sense of entitlement – The world doesn’t owe you a single thing. If you want something, deserve it.
  8. Jealousy – Related to the previous item, rather than looking at what everyone else has with greedy, coveting eyes, build your own success. You know you are a jealous type if you look at other people’s stats and feel bad.
  9. Over competitive – It surprises people sometimes how much success depends on cooperating with others, and it shocks me sometimes how some people do not believe in Win-Win situations. You can be a success without coming first or beating your enemies. Don’t make enemies – Forge alliances
  10. Imagination – If you don’t have imagination you have a big disadvantage. Either develop your own creativity or team with someone who has. Creativity is vital now more than ever.
  11. Laziness – This can be a boon or a bane. Laziness is an excellent quality in a programmer, because lazy programmers automate and find easy solutions, but a lazy person is unlikely to put in the effort when you most depend on them.
  12. Procrastination – A very common problem and overcoming it often comes down to taking small, decisive actions early and often.
  13. Defeat – Have you ever met someone who packs in at the first sign of problems? Or even gives up before they start because of all the problems they predict? Part of being a success is using defeat as a learning process, trying to route about potential failure, but most of all, not being afraid of it. If you do one thing for your kids, teach them self-esteem and to embrace problems as a chance to learn.
  14. Paranoia – Regardless of what you think, the world is probably not conspiring against you. And even if it is, it wouldn’t help to believe it.
  15. Cash control – I have worked with people who spend money like crazy without a moments thought, even when their companies were laying off staff at a scary rate. Someone needs to be a grown-up where money is concerned, if that can’t be you, partner with someone who can.
  16. Personality – Have you noticed the people with the most obnoxious personalities are often the people who are least willing to accept criticism? Yes, people should take you as you are and not try to change you, but at the same time it is worth moderating the more extreme or irritating habits, opinions or behaviors in order to just get along. Work on your communication skills, negotiation skills, and practice in speaking or social situations.
  17. Organization – If your desk and diary looks like the local landfill then you need to get organized or find someone to organize you.
  18. Blurred focus – Having a million opportunities or projects to juggle can be exciting but you need to focus on one thing at a time to give each task your best. Prioritize, and trim ruthlessly.
  19. Drowning in Information – In the information age it is easy to be lulled into thinking your problems stem from not enough information. One thing I think this century will tell us is information is wonderful, but too much is as bad as not enough. Balance learning with action.
  20. Burdens – Don’t let your responsibilities, important as they are, carry so much weight you have little time or energy for anything else.
  21. Distractions – Related to #20, if you are constantly distracted your tasks will take twice as long to complete. Turn off the phone and email, lock your door, if necessary.
  22. Isolation – Although in #21 I said lock your door, no person is an island, we need other people, at appropriate times!
  23. Vanity – If you care too much about what people think then you will get nowhere because you will be afraid of taking steps that impact your “image”. Be willing to make a public mess. Most of the successful people throughout history have goofed big and often!
  24. Ignorance – Unfortunately a lot of people who are ignorant are too ignorant to recognize it.
  25. Status quo – “Because it has always been done this way” is the very worst justification. Challenge the status quo and only keep that which demonstrably works.
  26. Power rush – Be very suspicious of anyone who pursues power, they are often dangerous. If you are looking to increase your control or power, look very deep to understand why. Partner with collaborators rather than control freaks.
  27. Management by spreadsheet – People are not numbers to move around on a spreadsheet. Look beyond digits and understand that you get the best out of people by treating them with humanity.
  28. Management by to-do list – Systems, unlike this list, rarely work in a 1, 2, 3 fashion. Work in parallel, see the dependencies and mitigate the risks.
  29. Focus on the negative – I left this last just to show that while my entire list is negative, it is best to turn negatives into positives! Look through this list, see if any might apply to you, then work on dissolving this constraint from your own life.

There will no doubt be more than 29 but to be honest, getting to 29 was depressing!

Dissolve Your Constraints

The process for removing personal constraints, or at least mitigating them, is as follows:

  1. Check your results – Are your results improving, meeting expectations, or under-performing?
  2. Look at your behavior – Observe what you do, why and how
  3. Discover constraint – Where are the bottlenecks, why to bust-ups occur, when do you let people down? where are the crises?
  4. Work on improving behavior or routing around constraint – Find coping strategies, or re-learning to take the problem away
  5. Go back to #1 and repeat

My Constraints

So you know how you might deal with constraints, here are a couple of mine.

As mentioned above, one of my constraints is over-thinking things. I am a day-dreamer, a deep thinker and a naturally cautious type. It’s only bad when it crosses a line, as with many of the things in the list, there are positive aspects along with the bad.

This constraint manifests as having a thousand books, bookmarks, mind maps, plans, and discussions, but not actually achieving much.

The way I overcame this was to balance my nature with:

  1. Project Management – I learned about project management, and put that learning into practice over and over
  2. Team work – I find others who are more action oriented
  3. Deadlines – Client work keeps me moving forward
  4. Self binding contracts – Tell other people what you are going to do and get them to hold you to it.
  5. Vigilance – Just being aware of a trait and looking out for it can help solve bad behavior

That is a biggie, and one I still battle with. My biggest ever constraint though is thanfully mostly contained, and started in my teens.

You might have heard or read me mention this before, but at around the time I was leaving school I was so shy I literally couldn’t order a Big Mac without blushing and falling over my words. I was extremely introverted. I knew I had to do something about it, especially if I was going to have any kind of career, even in relatively solitary pursuits of computing or illustration.

My solution was to learn about communication, body language, and so on. That solved the knowledge/theory side, but I had to find a way to put that into practice to move it from an intellectual to reality solution.

When people have a fear of spiders they can go to the zoo and hold a tarantula. Fear of flying is often overcome by special airline flights. I took a teaching course and started teaching classes at my local college. Thankfully it worked, and I can now stand in front of auditoriums and not need to wear sturdy brown trousers and bicycle clips!

Bottom Line

This stuff is hard work and requires an honest look at your own situation. Rather than taking it as yet another way to bring yourself down and give yourself a hard time, look at it as a golden opportunity to achieve more of what you want to in your life.

First step is to look in the mirror rather than blame external factors. Before you can deal with “out there”, fix the “in here”.

Over to You

Have you got tips or stories to share? Let me know in the comments …

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day 2008, and this year it is about poverty.

I blogged about it at the Blog Herald and later I will be calling in to the Blog Talk Radio spectacular (hopefully), but other than that I have failed miserably to get my own act together.

Which makes me realize about “good intentions” – they are no good without action.

What kind of action can and should 9,920 bloggers and 10,877,968 estimated total readers take?

Authority Versus Pure SEO

authority vs seo

Authority can be a difficult concept to grasp for some people, but I find the people who struggle most are those who are already successful using another strategy. Here is my expertly executed whiteboard diagram I whipped up for some successful affiliate friends over the weekend.

Before I describe it, let me give you some background.

Today I am traveling down to the big smoke and staying with my big bro while I spend a few days hanging out with affiliate folks at A4UExpo in London. On Wednesday I will be on a panel. This show is going to be jammed packed with affiliates and those who want to be. Of course while talking to friends who might meet me there I have had a lot of discussions about the right and wrong ways to build affiliate income.

It used to be that affiliates were SEOs or PPC people, but a good number are now looking at blogs. On the other side are the bloggers who might have traditionally looked to Adsense and banners for monetization who are now looking to affiliate stuff.

You will find the smarter affiliates are building blogs, and the more advanced bloggers are dabbling in PPC, but why?

Authority Builds Protection

The standard route for an affiliate is:

  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Create a search-friendly site
  3. Build links
  4. Grow traffic
  5. Convert traffic

Seems like a good plan? Yes, it is, and it can be very profitable. Some folks use PPC instead of SEO, but it comes down to the right products, for the right audience, and sending a ton of traffic at well converting pages.

So what’s the problem?

As I described in my article about how Authority sites can survive an economic downturn better than others, there are two ways an Authority site beats a pure play SEO/PPC site.

The issues are with #3 in the list above, and the fact there is no #6!

Authority Link Building Versus Affiliate Link Building

How does a traditional affiliate site build links?

  • Article marketing?
  • Emailing for swaps?
  • Buying links?
  • Spam?

These tactics work, but they are not particularly sustainable and they create a very clear and fragile link profile. Ask yourself if Google wants to reward this kind of profile or punish it. I’m thinking the latter.

Compare this to an Authority site.

For a start, if you are going to do linkbait then a blog is a natural place to put it. Secondly, a good blog will attract links naturally, they will be voluntary, organic, and spread over time.

What do you link to? The landing or sales page of a commercial site with no reader value, or great articles that you readers would really love? Are there sites you link to more often than others?

Build a really good blog, an authority blog, and the pattern becomes self-reinforcing. You start to attract more links because you are an authority, and whatever shifts take place in search algorithms, if they don’t rank you then they are not doing their job. What would you think if you couldn’t find Techcrunch or Copyblogger in searches?

You Don’t Just Want to Generate Traffic

The second big issue is with the focus on traffic. Traffic at any cost. It is what I describe as “hits thinking”. Got to get those hits up. No, wrong!

A healthy business doesn’t just attract people through the door, you have to think longer term. As well as selling now, what are you doing about life time value?

Where those traditional affiliate sites go wrong is they have a cycle of constantly trying to create new customers, while abandoning their old ones. You need to have a strategy for keeping your visitors, to create loyalty. An authority blog is a natural solution to that.

Look at the Diagram Again

If you take another look at the diagram you will see on the left the Authority north sea oil platform, and on the right the good ship “Paris Lohan”. Further to the right a huge wave about to come crashing down.

Above sea level is what I describe as “visibility”. Both the Authority and Paris have good visibility. Under the surface though you can see that the Authority has “depth” and substance. Instead of “Expertise” you might say “talent” or “value”. Under “Personality” you might have “Loyalty” or “Community”. It doesn’t matter which definitions you use, nothing is supporting Paris, she is getting by on pure visibility.

North sea oil platforms are structures built to withstand waves 50-80″ in height.  They can face the worst the environment can throw. Authorities are the same when faced with search shifts, competition, economy and other harsh market factors. Unfortunately the little ship looks likely to sink at the first big splash.

Build Authority, Build Your Defenses

By building authority you create a defensible structure that can grow sustainably, fight off competition and can survive the highs and lows of your market.

If you want to build your defenses and be an Authority Blogger, you know where to go :)

What do you think?

Agree? Disagree? How would you explain it? Let me know in the comments …

Why Authority Bloggers Are Best Placed to Weather Economic Storms

Authority Blogger Course members have been asking me about my statement that Authority Bloggers are best placed to ride out economic turbulence. Can I stand by this statement?

OK, there are never any guarantees, but there are several factors that make me believe this.

  1. Authority means top of mind – When you become the go-to person you get the pick of opportunities, deals and customers. You know in any market there is a minority who gets the lion share, you want to be first pick rather than the end of the queue.
  2. Online means low overheads – Just being online rather than off means you have potentially lower overheads, but being an Authority Blogger means you don’t need inventory, real estate, or many of the staffing costs, but can still make the same profit or more. The surprising and hidden benefit is online authority leads to more offline deals!
  3. Ideal for diversified income – If you have all your profit eggs in one revenue basket then you are at risk, an Authority Blogger has multiple streams of income, from your own products and services, through to selling leads and affiliate products. That’s before traditional ProBlogger style direct income. On top of this, an Authority Blogger can keep adding income streams, that build authority further.
  4. Visibility means fewer marketing costs -Do you want to be paying by the click to achieve visibility or do you want people to naturally turn to you because everybody knows you are the place to go? Search engines love an authority too, no SEO tricks necessary.
  5. Community means more sustainable and scalable traffic – Build a loyal and engaged audience and it doesn’t matter what happens, they will keep returning to you. On the other hand, look at the screams of dismay every time Google shrugs! Don’t be caught out by shifts in search engine algorithms, build your own defensible and receptive audience.

Make sense?

The Biggest Difference? Serving Your Audience First

The main difference between an Authority Blogger‘s site and other sites is a good blogger will treat readers as people.

That’s an important distinction.

We serve our audience first, providing useful, valuable, entertaining and engaging content is top priority.

Most sites, especially in the more technical arenas, run their sites like spreadsheets, where visitors are just a number, or a click delivery system. Think of all the sites that are no more than glorified made for adsense spam, paying a couple of dollars a post for some rehashed nonsense page-filler. Even those with good quality content tend to lose visitors as soon as they acquire them like a leaky bucket.

Why is that so important?

When you treat your readers as human beings, when you nurture them, you talk to them, you give them more of what they want and need, then you keep more of them coming back. When you treat them purely as a metric they have no reason to come back so you have to work extra hard to keep your traffic up. You want to work smart, and you want to be productive with your time. Keep people engaged by providing value, personality and community.

If you can grow and maintain an audience naturally, then you are not beholden to any one traffic generation tactic but you can take advantage of all of them, plus you are producing something that is recognized as quality so those tactics are easier!

For example search engines will be more favorable towards you, because authorities attract links, and search engines are getting better and better at recognizing quality sites. Of course, it is also easier to get social media votes when you are an authority. The less attractive your content, the more you have to pay through the nose to maintain the same level of attention.

What About Advertising?

Yes, advertising will drop in a down economy, but companies will not STOP advertising, and more will run to the internet where every dollar is accounted for.

Companies have to sell their product to survive, but might be more selective.

Consumers will not stop buying products, but they might be more price conscious, and they will gravitate towards publishers who empathize with them, who seem to understand what they want and what they like. Those sites that provide advertisers a good return on investment and customers consistently good advice will stay strong.

Be Top of the Pile

Name a list of car manufacturers. Are they all equal in your mind? What about computer brands? Portable music players? Even beans? Who gets the bulk of customers money?

In any market we have a mental ladder of brands, those at the top get all the money, and it rapidly falls off towards the bottom. Not only do those at the top get the majority of the attention and custom, they also get to charge a premium over the rest. The struggling, smaller names, get to live off the scraps that fall through the big names cracks. Your goal has to be for the world to see you in the compelling 20% rather than the me-too 80%.

So while the overall economic pie might well shrink, it will be those at the end of the queue who miss out, the first picks will always get the lions share.

Being an Authority Blogger means not just being one of many, but the main draw, the person who everyone trusts and turns to instinctively.

If you can be seen as a quality choice for customer or advertising dollars (or both), because of your expert content, your attentive, engaged audience and your good name, while keeping your overheads down, then you will ride out any road bumps in the economy.

When the economy picks up you will be stronger for it.

You have to raise the bar; be unique, focus on quality, on your audience, on your brand, and stand out.

Be the first choice, or as near as you can, and provide what people really want, then you can grow in any economy.

Join the Authority Blogger Course today and stake your claim to the top spot in your niche.

Email Marketing Tips: What to Write About

Email Marketing Tutorial

The most common question I have been sent lately about this series has been

I know I need a list but what do I send? What should I write about? How can I get people to buy?

An email list is just a delivery mechanism. What you send to people is up to you. That is both a liberating and scary thing, because it is a blank canvas, but a very public one.

Put yourself in the role of the subscriber. What do they expect from you? Why did they enter their email address? When you put your subscription form up there you are making a promise, so deliver on that promise!

First, Content

Above all else you should provide useful, valuable content. It stands to reason that if people are not gaining by being on your list then they will leave it.

Should it be unique and different to your blog content? In my case subscribers get the same content as my feed readers, but with additional downloads or emails that don’t appear anywhere else.

There is no rule that you have to follow that route necessarily, you could use your blog content but packaged differently. For example you can do a weekly roundup, or highlight the best articles from the week.

Random alerts are another solution. Michael is sending very short emails about links he has discovered.

Another popular choice is the email course or sequence, where you sign up and get several pre-written emails in a row about a certain topic, delivered by your auto responder software. Sonia has a 10 part marketing course, but you could write one on anything, how about “Ten Tasty Tips About Broccoli“?

Sell Stuff With Email

The key to selling stuff with your email list is to make what you offer also content.

Take the role of an editor, or connoisseur, you are providing your list subscribers the choicest, best, ideal selections. Even better, make the email worthwhile even should someone not buy, so everyone gains. You can introduce products as part of a tip, solution or piece of advice, or as further reading.

In general you want to be following the 80-20% rule, where 4 out of 5 emails should be pure content, and only one promotional. You can still often get away with a “footer” that links to your products and services though.


The golden rule of email marketing is to TEST – watch the reaction to everything you do:

  1. Incentives
  2. List building efforts
  3. Frequency
  4. Subject lines
  5. Content
  6. Offers
  7. Click throughs
  8. Unsubscribe reasons
  9. … everything else!

Your subscribers will tell you what you get right and wrong, listen to them!

That’s the end of this series but look out for more email marketing tips right here in future.

Got any questions about email marketing? Let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer :)

Authority Blogger Forum News, Guest Posts and Win Cool Prizes

Authority Blogger ForumAuthority Blogger Forum has been quietly growing, with the emphasis on “quietly” for a while, so I wanted to update you with some cool news.

The first big news is for anyone who would like to attract guest posters to their blog, or who wants to find blogs to guest post on.

Get Guest Posts or Find Blogs to Guest Post On

On the forum now are profile fields where you can add your blogs, your topics and check the box that says you are open to guest posts. You can also search to find blogs to guest post on that match your preferred topics.

As a writer, guest posting is a brilliant way to grow links, traffic, profile, a way to network and help another blogger into the bargain. For a blog, this is a source of quality, free and unique content. Win-win!

Get a Guest Post From ME!

This may or may not sway you, but by the end of October I will be back guest posting again. So if you want a guest post from me, read this again carefully – I will only be using this search form to find blogs to guest post on :)

Second piece of news is how you can win Authority Blogger Course membership, respect of your peers, a full month of fame and glory, and lots of gratitude from me.

Win Authority Blogger Course Membership Every Month

Each month the wise and expert commitee of forum members puts their collective brains together to select the forum member who stands out as providing a consistant and valuable contribution to the community. This person is elected Featured Blogger of the month and wins access to the Authority Blogger Course.

Couldn’t be more easy, hang out at the forum and win a cool prize!

So, want to win access to the Authority Blogger Course or something equally valuable and cool? As October has just started, now would be a good time to make yourself useful on the forum :)