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Archives for March 2008

How to Get What You Deserve

As blog consultants job is as much about listening as it is advising. A complaint people often grumble about is why do some people find it easy to get exposure, while other people have far better work but get overlooked. It’s the same in all walks of life. Some people naturally attract attention, even when […]

Win a Top Class SEO Education

Lately I have been giving away Premium News Themes for Follow Me Friday. This Friday the prize is a bit different. You win access to the best SEO training resource on the web. You might not have seen but Aaron Walls outstanding SEOBook is now an online SEO training course. Win Follow Me Friday and […]

FriendFeed Frenzy

Never let it be said that I let a bandwagon past without at least jumping on for a short ride! The latest shiny new thing on the block is FriendFeed. While many people are describing it as yet-another-social-network, in fact I would call it more of a friend aggregator. Unlike MyBook and FaceSpace type services, […]

How to Get the Right Attention

Yesterday on the Blog Herald I wrote about how bloggers seem to be focusing on just the attention part of the blogging equation. What are the other parts we need to be aware of? Attraction is just one step in a process. If you think of your blog as being a system then attention brings […]

Meet Me in Chicago

If you would like to meet me in person then you will have your chance May 2nd to May 4th in Chicago! Yes, I am speaking at SOBCon08 šŸ™‚ I’m very excited. Not just that I am speaking, but the chance to meet some of you guys face to face. I certainly hope to meet […]

How Do You Decide Who to Follow on Twitter?

Chris Cree asked an interesting question in the comments of yesterdays post about my Twitter competition. I’m curious what criteria you use when deciding whom to follow in return. Would you share some insight into that at some point? The thing is I am not sure I know the right way to decide who to […]

Follow Me Friday … With a Twist

Yes, again this Friday you have another chance to win a fantastic Premium News Theme by being one of my Twitter followers. BUT this week there is a twist. The theme to win this week is Flash News, a very desirable theme I am sure you will agree, as all Adii’s Premium News Themes are. […]

Free Ebook on Personal Branding

Ted Demopoulos has made available a great little 40 page ebook on creating an “Effective Internet Presence”. What does that mean? If you search in Google for your name, what appears? If you do not appear on the first page, or worse what appears does not put you in the best light, then you could […]

How to Beat the Long Tail

Have you seen Kevin Kelly’s “1,000 True Fans“? You will likely see this excellent article mentioned on other blogs. It’s one of those posts I wish I had written, because I have tried to recommend similar ideas, just not as well. What he says is that an artist can make a living from 1,000 true […]

Six Figure Blogging is Back

Six Figure Blogging is back! A couple of years ago Darren Rowse and Andy Wibbels launched their blogging course after Darren realized he had made 6-figures from his blogging. Now of course we all know Darren has made way more than that since. The course was a huge success but they have decided it is […]