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Archives for March 2008

How to be an Authority Maven: 21 Tips for Keeping Up to Date in Your Niche

Keeping abreast of news in your niche can be tough. I know the feeling of being left behind, when you think you need to be checking thousands of feeds 24 hours a day. Fact is you do not need to have such a punishing regime. I have been known to follow stupidly excessive amounts of […]

Doug Scott’s Blog Critique

Yesterday I drove down to the middle of the country to meet up with Doug Scott. He might not look like much ( 😉 ), and the name might not be familiar to you but he is a bit of a mover and/or shaker in the Affiliate and SEO worlds Doug has just started blogging […]

SOBCon08 Contest Deadline Reminder

Remember you only have a few days left to get your entry in for the SOBCon08 contest. There have been some great entries, and it is going to break my heart trying to choose between them (my plan is to get Liz to decide, heh), but there is still space for yours. Imagine how you […]

How to Turn Visitors into Raving Fans

Yesterday I wrote about how you can identify your Sneezers and Linkerati. Essentially these people are incredibly valuable to you because they are your advocates. They spread your message, defend your honor and if you do a good enough job of nurturing them, become your all-round raving fans. How do you grow your readers from […]

Sneezers and the Linkerati

In marketing circles you often hear about “Sneezers” and “the Linkerati”, but what are they? Who are they? And most of all, why should we care? Sneezers and the Linkerati are people who will spread your message or help promote your work by linking to you. While the Linkerati are obviously going to link to […]

How to Get Maximum Bang for your Blog

In the last post we saw that Business Blogs can provide many benefits. How do you gain those benefits without turning your role into full time blogger? It’s a common question. Clients often object to me that they just don’t have time to blog so much and they worry that if you don’t put in […]

The ROI of Business Blogging

In the last post in this series I explained my preferred approach to business blogs. Let’s take a look at why you would bother creating a business blog. What benefits can you acquire by blogging? As you would expect, I am a firm believer in the benefits of blogging for business, but I do know […]

$2,000 of SOBCon and chrisg Consulting Prizes to Win

Are you looking to be an authority blogger? Join the Authority Blogger SOBCon Contest! Blog Catalog, SOBCon08, and Authority Blogger have come together to make an exciting new contest offer. It’s all set to help you launch your yourself this year as an Authority Blogger with the plan, the models, and the support that you […]

Where is Your Audience?

It might seem a strange question to ask. Especially coming from a blogger. But really, do you know where your audience hangs out? Yesterday I had two emails in reaction to my business blogging series where people were having problems that could be solved much more easily if they did a small amount of market […]

Attracting, Retaining and Converting Prospects With Blogs

Business Blogs are a mystery to many people. How does content produce customers? Aren’t blogs a lot of work? What is the least you can do to make a blog work for your business? In this overview I aim to show you that, yes, there is work to be done, but it need not consume […]