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Archives for February 2008

10 Tips to Make Yourself Understood Every Time

It’s incredibly easy to be misunderstood. What people think you are putting out is never exactly what you intend. We all read and listen through our own brain filters, biases and broken ideas about the world. You can’t blame your audience. It is up to us to speak and write clearly. How can you communicate […]

Which Post Types Make a Valuable Blog?

Someone on Twitter remarked that they were sick of all the “Why blogging is like …” posts. To be honest I like them, and I will continue to write posts like that, but I am not surprised this particular person is sick of them. It is like top ten lists and all the other formula […]

Why a Good Blogger is Like a Top Chef

I know you read at least read one blog. You would be surprised though how many people want to be successful bloggers without bothering to read what it is they are meant to be writing. As you might have guessed from the title, this brings to mind cooking. How can you create an excellent dish […]