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Archives for February 2008

Win a WordPress Premium News Theme – Announcing Follow Me Friday!

How would you like to win a WordPress Premium News Theme, either to use yourself or give away to your readers? Sound good? All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and be the lucky person to be randomly selected. I will perform a different draw each Friday for the next few weeks! […]

What’s Your Difference?

If you do the same things as everyone else, why would someone visit you? How can someone remember you if you are just the same as all the rest? What are you giving people to talk about? Lots of people write about productivity, life skills, etc, but none are as unique and memorable as Monk […]

The Joys and Woes of Networking

One of the best things I have gained from blogging have been friendships and contacts. This should have been anticipated but instead still surprises me now. This networking side of blogging and social media is something that has come increasingly to the fore in recent years. I see it both as a good and bad […]

Why Not Post LinkBait All the Time?

If bait is so good at delivering traffic, why would you not want to post bait all the time? People love to link it, read it and bookmark it, right? Actually long term, they don’t. Bait is great used tactically, but not effective at growing a loyal audience if over used. You need a mixture […]

How to Get Top Blogs to Notice You

How can you get good strong links? What can you do to get big name blogs to take notice of you? Yesterday I got lucky and was linked to by Duncan at Techcrunch which led to Techmeme taking notice of our Google Hijacking 404 Pages story at the Codswallop blog. This all came about from […]

How to Grow Your Blog and Stop Going in Circles

A common frustration from bloggers is they get to a certain level of momentum then stall. It’s like there is a ceiling that they can not break through. Rather than steaming ahead toward your goal, do you feel like you are going round in circles? How can we keep driving our growth? I often see […]

Diggbait, Linkbait, Flagship Content and Authority

In the comments of my How to Get More Bookmarks and Better Links article Lucy Dee asks: I’m having difficult assessing how “bookmarkable” content is any different from authority content in general. Yes, bookmarkable content is “optimized” and you want to “get a second look” but that’s not far off from pillar content that a […]

How to Get More Bookmarks and Better Links

A bookmark is the standard compliment for online writers. We applaud singers, we laugh at comedians jokes, and we bookmark articles we find on the web. Bookmarks and links fuel your blogs success. What can we do to get more bookmarks? Why then do some get bookmarked while others get largely ignored? It’s not just […]

How to Write on Goal

In my last post I said you have to choose a goal for your communication. If you don’t decide a goal first, don’t be surprised if you end up with a random outcome. A few people have wondered if you can write with multiple goals. It was pointed out that the examples I listed overlap. […]

You, Your Brand or Your Message

What exactly are you wanting your audience to do? This is an important question. Do you want your reader to get to know you? Do you want them to have “positive associations” with your brand? Are you trying to spread a message? Good communication starts with your goal. Fuzzy goals create fuzzy thinking. Fuzzy thinking […]