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Archives for February 2008

Why I Like Mixx

Mixx is a relatively unknown Social Bookmarking site. Ask around and half the people you talk to haven’t used it. The other half either dismiss it or seem to have a wait-and-see approach. My view? I like it. What I like: Design – Nice, modern, clean and easy to use Content – Stories are served […]

Two More Free Blog-Boosting Resources

Purple Internet Marketing has released a free 61 page PDF report called The 4 Phases of Internet Marketing. This report provides you an overview of all the tactics you should be looking at building into your internet marketing strategy. While the topics might be basic for some readers it is worth having a browse through […]

Follow the Leader or Forge Your Own Path?

There are so many sources of conflicting advice it is difficult to know who to listen to. Each new piece of advice can be as convincing as the one that came before it. What should you do? How do you choose who to listen to? Do you take the word of the most influential, the […]

Don’t Forget Follow Me Friday

There is another chance to win a Premium News Theme this Friday. As before, all you have to do to enter is follow me on Twitter. This Friday the winner will be receiving the fantastic “Newspress” WordPress theme. Follow me now to be in with a chance – Good luck!

How to Get There From Here

With any project the idea is to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We all understand that, but sometimes we don’t act like this is the case. How many times have you looked at your situation and wished that it could be instantly different? Or looked at a competitor […]

Buy Teaching Sells for $1 and the Psychology of the Dollar Offer

photo credit: Gaspa Teaching Sells was already excellent value but I just heard yesterday that you can sign up now for $1! If you were thinking of trying before but didn’t make the leap you should get in now before they put the price back up. Why on earth would they give you all that […]

The 3 Ways to Write a Blog

When you create a blog there are three ways you can approach your subject matter. Which approach you choose will have a big impact on how fast you grow awareness and audience, plus will be decisive in how easy you find the actual writing. It is something worth thinking about but people rarely do until […]

Today is Follow Me Friday – Win a Premium News Theme

As I announced earlier this week, if you follow me on Twitter you are in with a chance of winning this premium news theme. Three different premium news themes will be awarded over the next Fridays. You got to be in it to win it! The winner will be announced on Twitter after 6pm GMT […]

Desperate Buyers Only Review: How to Find and Write for a Motivated Audience

Many times I have seen bloggers become disheartened because of a lack of traffic, engagement or income from a new blog. They put in the research. Found phrases with a lot of traffic at Wordtracker, where there was a reasonable amount of competition in Google, and where they had a sufficient interest to blog long […]

10 Completely Free Guides to Building a Better Blog

Most people will know by now that I offer a free ebook on this blog. Fact is, I am not the only one offering free resources that are useful to bloggers. Here are some of the best. Develop mini-sites using WordPress with Caroline Middlebrook Aaron and Giovanna offer their SEO for Bloggers guide Remarkabloggers 12-step […]