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Archives for January 2008

Free Business Blogging Ebook

Michael at Remarkablogger has just announced he is offering a free ebook to subscribers (wonder where he got that idea from, heh). You can get it just by signing up via email or RSS. The ebook covers … A 12-step process for starting a business blog packed with vital and actionable information In all there […]

Becoming Compelling

Today I have something for you to think about. I figure this is a good time, being as we are at the start of a new year. It’s a word for you to consider. That word is “compelling”. In marketing and blogging people often throw around the word compelling. It is right up there with […]

Selecting a Random Blog Comment From Your WordPress Database

Bloggers like to give and win prizes. It offers some excitement for readers, content and links for the blogger, and if the prize is offered by a third party it gives them some exposure too. Darren does this a lot and to good effect, I do it very occasionally when I have something good to […]