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Archives for January 2008

Getting to Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience inside out is a critical part of blog success. If you do not know who your reader is and what they need, how can you possibly delight them? Your blog has to be for your reader first and you second. Yes, before anyone comments, there are notable successes with huge audiences who […]

A Lesson in Communication

Sometimes we try too hard. It’s easy to complicate things. This is the lesson I took from the Macworld keynote. How do you make a laptop remarkable? How do you communicate the difference in a way that anyone can “get” immediately, graphically? Do you think this is memorable? Easy to talk about? Regardless of how […]

Should Any Topic be Out of Bounds?

In normal, polite conversation, people tell us that we should stay away from the topics of politics and religion. Does the same go for social media and blog discussions? There are probably other topics just as controversial, but I think in most cases these topics come under the heading of politics or beliefs for shorthand. […]

Benefiting from Blog Scrapers

A popular gripe of bloggers is the scraper scum. You know, the people who copy your content then slap ads around it or use it as search engine fodder so they can pimp their spam. It might be apparent that these gits annoy me too. Today I am installing a solution which I hope will […]

Blogging for Readers

Is your blog Reader-Centric? Yuk, I know, horrible buzz word, but stay with me! What I am asking is important to your blog success; how well do you cater for your reader when working on your blog? In the programming world people talk about “user centric” where the users needs are elevated and in customer […]

Your Feedback as a Mirror

I was at Starbucks yesterday waiting for my caramel macchiato when I overheard a conversation that went something like this: “So I just put my handbrake on and sat there. There was no way I was moving, school or no school.” “What did they do then?” “They had to drive around me. One mounted the […]

Theming Your Linkbaits

A key SEO tactic is to gain inbound links containing your most sought after keywords. Many webmasters aim for their exact phrase. If you can manage it, great. The problem is this can be far more challenging than it at first seems, and secondly over-doing the exact phrase can raise red flags in search engines. […]

A Perfect Editorial Calendar for Your Desk

I have mentioned editorial calendars a couple of times here but I have always been thinking of something electronic. As it turns out there is a company who has developed a physical planner almost designed for the job! What you need in an editorial calendar is days laid out calendar style with space to write […]

Free Without Exploitation

As most people who read this blog know, giving away information is what I do. I write, answer emails, give away ebooks, give talks. Thankfully I also pay the bills. The way I do that is by charging for information. Specific, bespoke advice, workshops, consulting calls, teaching classes. So many times people have queried the […]

Tips for Better Skype Meetings

Since leaving the world of marketing agencies to work from home, my meetings have gone from mostly physical to mostly virtual. The vast majority of my clients over the last few years have been overseas. Whereas before I would hop on the train and go see clients, now I spend most of my time conversing […]