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Archives for January 2008

Moist Robots and Emotion Versus Logic

People are irrational animals. In fact, there are a lot of scientists who believe we don’t even have free will. Scott Adams calls us “moist robots” because we merely react to our programming and stimulus. Is it any surprise then other moist robots decisions confuse the heck out of us? The fact is in most […]

The Incremental Route to Profit Success

Since I wrote about affiliate marketing I have had quite a lot of feedback. While there are a lot of people saying they are cautiously going to give it a go, many more have told me one of two things: I didn’t make a lot of money right away so I gave up! I’m removing […]

Author Experiences the Internets Mass Effect First Hand

What happens when an author goes on national television and criticizes a computer game she has never seen let alone played? In the past what would have happened is, well, very little. Today of course is the age of the internet mob. Rather than chants, torches and pitch forks, the modern mob member uses Digg […]


You can now get emails weekly as well as daily and via RSS. For a while I have been emailing people who unsubscribe from the daily emails asking them for feedback. Other than “I just wanted your free ebook” or the standard “you suck”, most people were telling me they liked the articles but […]

Is This the Future of Storytelling?

Over and over we have heard that digital technology allows the little guy to compete on an equal footing with the Goliaths of this world. It hardly ever seems to work out that way, and on the rare occasions it does … well, the little guy tends to turn into everything people hated about the […]

Should You Try Affiliate Marketing?

It was interesting to see Yaro talk about Affiliate Marketing as I had also been having a discussion on the topic and wanted to share my own advice. Do check out Yaro’s post. The key point I want to repeat is this one: Those early days taught me that patience is a virtue when it […]

How to Change Your Perspective

Have you ever visited a tourist location then browsed Flickr only to find everyone seems to have taken the same photograph? One of the principal techniques of better photography is to move around, look at the scene in different ways, approach from new angles. The same is true for writing. While the direct approach, the […]

Why it is Good to Repeat Yourself

In the previous post I recommended that you should find your own stories or develop a unique take on the news. Basically implying that repeating was bad. Here’s the funny thing … repeating yourself can be good … Now don’t get me wrong, I do not for a minute suggest that you simply drone on […]

Do You Lead or Follow?

Where are ewe?, originally uploaded by foxypar4. Several bloggers have complained to me about the number of feeds they find lately that simply echo the same old information. Think about your blog … have you fallen into this trap? It’s an easy habit to get into. Fear of not having something to say, or fear […]

What Bloggers Can Learn from my Favorite TV Shows

Lately I haven’t watched a lot of television, for a couple of years actually now I think about it. But, thanks to my handy satellite dish and DVR (Sky+ for the locals) I do keep up with some of the latest geek viewing. This is lucky because Ben over at Blogging Experiment has got a […]