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Archives for December 2007

The 80/20 Rule of Effort

The end of the year is approaching so I am looking backwards and forwards as I do every year. As I am sure many of you do too. One conclusion I have to draw from this year that I will take into the next is how I have squandered my time. Squandered might be too […]

Friendly Feedback? Priceless.

One of the stranger aspects of being paid for offering your advice is how much easier it is to see in others the same mistakes you overlook in your own work. Have you noticed that? On Saturday I was lucky to meet Liz briefly and she gave me some constructive criticism about my blog. The […]

Is Your Blog Opinionated?

Do your readers have a clear idea of where you stand? Does any philosophy or approach come through your writing? Making your blog opinionated could be a way you can make your blog stand out and gather an audience. Gather Your Community Around an Idea Consider what a community is. Would you agree that a […]

Should You Take Part in Traffic Exchanges?

Yet again there is another traffic exchange doing the rounds with widgets appearing on blog sidebars. Of course people are asking if they should join in. Here is my advice … Is it really free? – OK, in most cases you don’t actually pay money to be a part of it, but in return for […]

Conversation as a Competitive Advantage

What have bloggers got as an advantage that other webmasters do not? I would argue “conversation”. Have a think about which sites you feel a part of, or where you feel a connection to the site and its owners. What are the common elements? Liz has turned blog conversation into an art form and a […]

Can You Blog Too Much?

Interesting thought here from David Peralty I think that writing on numerous blogs can be detrimental, but as Chris Garrett has proven, it can also be very helpful, as everywhere I turn around his name pops up Do you think I’m getting over-exposed? As David says, part of my personal branding has been from writing […]

Mo Winner

Darren has shown his finished Mo with a terrific $1847.50 (AUD) raised for charity, so all there is left to do is post the winner of the Premium News Theme … drum roll … The winner of the draw was Colbs of – Congrats! šŸ™‚

Why Blogging is Like Alcohol

Have you seen Jon’s “Drunk on Your Own Words” post at Copyblogger? It’s a good piece, go read it if you haven’t already. After reading it I realized blogging has some things in common with drinking the booze: Inhibitions – For some of us blogging can strip away inhibitions. This could be in the way […]