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Archives for November 2007

Are they Milestones, Scores or Hurdles?

I think bloggers might be the most self-critical people I have ever met. In some cases monitoring our own progress can be a great thing, I expect we have all worked with people who we wish would have cared more about their own performance! But when we routinely beat ourselves up, something has to change. […]

What is Authority?

You might have seen already that I encourage people to be Authority Bloggers. To demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, build profile, credibility, and trust. A question that comes up a lot is how do you know when you get there? What tells you that you have achieved Authority status? I see authority as a journey, […]


Why? “Why?” might be the most important question you can ask. Why should someone visit my blog? Why would someone buy from me rather than anyone else? Why ought someone choose this product? Why advertise with me? Why do readers like this over that? Why am I doing this? Why are we in this situation? […]

The Myth of Freelance Pay

I am getting a bit annoyed with the Hollywood writers strike. Not at the writers but at what people are saying about them. While I do not know any details about what caused the strike, the popular perception seems to be these writers are over-paid already. Some are obviously paid very well indeed, I expect […]

Branding and Changing the Rules of the Game

When kids put together their lists for Santa this year, do you think they will be asking for “an MP3 player”, or will they ask for “an iPod”? Did Microsoft have the same impact with the Zune? How is the iPhone impacting competitors phone sales? What would you think of a search engine that did […]

Performancing Anniversary

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Performancing has managed to reach a two-year anniversary šŸ™‚ It seems like just last week we were planning the thing. Unfortunately I can’t get through to right now, network errors, otherwise I would dig out my first post. Ryan, Ahmed, Raj, Deb and co have […]

Blog Critique: Vezeo

I am by no means a wealthy man but I do enjoy living well, given the opportunity. Vezeo is a blog especially for people who have a passion for the finer things; international travel, food, restaurants, resorts, and either have the means or the aspirations to match. The blog is off to a good start […]

My Essential 5-Star Feeds

What are your daily reads? Which feeds can you not do without? I have just been trimming back my feed reading after realizing yet again I was just trying to consume too much. Luckily my feed reader allows me to mark each feed with a star rating, allowing me to trim from the bottom. Also […]

Twitter for Traffic and Talk: Who is Using Twitter and How?

Twitter is a social site based around the idea of 140 character messages, but it has grown to be much more than that. My relationship with Twitter has mutated over time. My opinion of the service has ranged from true believer, skeptic, objective critic, right up to now which I would describe as “cautious optimist“. […]

Links You Will Love

While I often recommend that bloggers “link out generously and often” I don’t take my own advice quite enough so here is a roundup of some links you will love: Is it really 2 years since we launched Performancing? Ryan is doing a fun treasure hunt to celebrate. Want to win $1000? Put a value […]